Assignment First

  本篇論文代寫推薦-歐米加3酸奶乳製品的供應鏈報告討論了在歐米加3酸奶乳製品的供應鏈中有三個關鍵的利益相關者。Geoff Cox是供應鏈的主要利益相關者,因爲他是Ringarooma的奶農,他在自己的Naturale公司中使用CSIRO流程來生產爲產品開發所需的補充飼料(Prajogo et al., 2016)。供應鏈中的第二個利益相關者是物流公司,它使原材料從Ringarooma轉移到Launceston (, 2017)。第三供應鏈的利益相關者是威斯特海溫的那趟本身的庫存管理員負責及時訂購原材料,接收,進行原材料的質量檢查和及時處理爲了開發酸奶產品在零售商店銷售的公司。本篇論文代寫推薦文章由英國第一論文 Assignment First輔導網整理,供大家參考閱讀。

  It is found that a logistic service is used by Westhaven to procure the products from Ringarooma and ensure its timely deliver at the warehouse located in Launceston to package the products for the retail outlet (Monczka et al., 2015). This allows the organization to ensure that not only the quality, but also the quantity is optimal for the placement of product on the retail shelves of the Westhaven. However, since the product is new, considerable changes in the supply chain will be required to accommodate the sourcing and supply of the key ingredients to other cities and stated of Australia. This will be required in order to tap in the nation-wide market of Yogurt dairy products within the food industry (Narsimhalu et al., 2015). Presently, the organization has a simple supply chain process wherein the need for the new feed stock supplement is recognized on the basis of the sales and forecast to place order at the Naturale which is the supplier. The supplier processes the orders and requires giving a week notice for the timely production of the feed stock supplement to meet the quantity of the orders.

  There are three key stakeholders in the supply chain of Omega 3 Yogurt dairy product. Geoff Cox is the primary supply chain stakeholder as he is the dairy farmer in the Ringarooma that uses the CSIRO process in his company of Naturale to produce the feed stock supplement which is required to be procured for the development of the product (Prajogo et al., 2016). Second stakeholder in the supply chain is the logistics company that enables the movement of the raw material from Ringarooma to Launceston (, 2017). Third stakeholder of the supply chain is the inventory manager of Westhaven itself that is responsible for the timely ordering of the raw material, receiving it, undertaking the quality check and timely processing of the raw materials in order to develop the Yogurt product for sales at the retail store of the company.