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  本篇论文 代写-汶川地震的原因与事实讲了地震对山脉和盆地的影响都是毁灭性的。这个有1亿多人口的盆地沉积严重。当来自后续余震或原始地震的地震波穿过地基时,沉积物的影响是双倍的。海浪会慢下来,这样它们就能在这个区域多停留一段时间,它们的强度和振幅就会增加,这就增加了伤害。中国一些最严重的地震袭击了龙门山断层,在过去的40年里发生了4次6.0级以上的地震。本篇论文 代写文章由英国第一论文 Assignment First辅导网整理,供大家参考阅读。

  The Wenchuan Earthquake: Causes and Facts

  The effect of seismic shaking in both the mountain range and the basin was very devastating. There was heavy sedimentation in the basin where more than 100 million people reside. While the seismic wave from either the subsequent aftershocks or original quake traverses over the basis, the impact of the sediment is double. The waves slow down so that they can stay some more time in the region and their strength and amplitude increase, which compound the damage. Some of China’s heaviest earthquakes have hit the Longmen Shan Fault, which include four bigger than 6.0 magnitude temblors in the past four decades.

  According to the reports of CEA (China Earthquake Administration), the earthquake took place along the Longmenshan fault, a thrust structure reducing along the border of the Eurasian Plate and Indo-Australian Plate. Seismic activities hiked on Yingxiu-Beichan fracture (also known as its mid facture). It was for 120 seconds that the rupture lasted and the majority of its energy was released in the first 80 seconds. The Sinchuan Quake was also felt in nearby nations and even far away in both Shanghai and Beijing. There are strong aftershocks, some even exceeded 6.0 magnitude scales, and it continued to hit the region even after several months post the main earthquake, which led to other damages and casualties.

  The earthquake left around 4.8 million individuals homeless, but reports estimate the figures to be around 11 million. The Wenchuan Earthquake was considered as one of the deadliest earthquakes in China after the Tangshan Earthquake 1976 which killed around 240,000 people. it is also reportedly the strongest earthquake in the country after the Chayu Earthquake 1950. It is also considered to be the 21st deadliest earthquakes of all time. The central government of China announced that it would spend around $146.5 billion in order to rebuild regions devastated by the earthquake under the Chinese economic stimulus scheme.