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論文代寫 :向部門經理提交實施計劃




論文代寫 :向部門經理提交實施計劃

The line manager should first undertake an audit about the processes involved. There should be active listening and feedback sought form the people about the various nuances. There should be a feedback from created to listen to the views of the subordinates. Their grievances and the issues of the people should be understood by the managers.

論文代寫 :向部門經理提交實施計劃

The line managers should serve as a middle ground to address the needs of the employees and the management. Based on the requirements of the company and the innate issues of the employees the line managers should create a feasible plan of coaching and making changes to the operation of the company. Once the newer plans have been implemented the line managers should look for ways to improve the operations in the company by requesting regular feedback from the employees.
The employees should understand the amiable work environment and voice their views about the various issues they face during the course of the operation.
These are some of the ways in which the line managers can implement feasible solutions for effective communication.