Assignment First

  本篇论文代写-营销推广分析计划讲了从人口统计的角度来看,4至9岁的儿童和13至16岁的早期青少年将成为目标。对于年龄较小的儿童组,内容将是关于认知和社会发展的条款。对于青少年群体来说,戏剧内容将是关于社会意识的,他们将使用社交媒体门户网站来开发他们的内容。心理分割是指人格、生活方式和人口统计学。基于心理细分,将有纪念品和会员计划出售。目标市场是那些有家庭意识的成年人,他们想为孩子们提供一些创新和有趣的东西。本篇论文代写文章由英国第一论文 Assignment First辅导网整理,供大家参考阅读。

  From a demographic perspective, the children between the ages of four to nine and the early adolescent teens between the ages of 13 and 16 will be targeted. For the younger children group, the content will be about cognitive and social development clauses. For the teen population the theatre content will be about social consciousness and there will be the use of the social media portals where they could develop their content will be used. The psychographic segmentation is the personality, lifestyle and the demographic. Based on the psychographic segmentation there will be souvenirs and membership programs sold. The target markets are the family conscious adults who want something innovative and fun for the children (Hill, O’Sullivan and O’Sullivan, 2012).

  Behaviour segmentation and psychographic explanation

  In the case of Children, it is very difficult to target only the children their families must be considered. Hence there will be a multifamily target market where the enrolments and products related to arts will be sold as souvenir (Hill, O’Sullivan & O’Sullivan, 2012). In the case of attracting an audience towards theatre performance, the audience should have some values that make them drawn towards the theatre. They should not have money pressure for the basic facilities such as food and clothing. For them the child cognitive development and aims of instilling social consciousness or awareness tend to be higher. There should be a combination of these values in the content that is developed by the people.

  The parents should be intellectuals who understand the importance of arts and cognitive development of the children. They should belong to the middle income people who are invested with the growth of children brains that focuses beyond the technical education developments. The parents should understand the impact of art it had on the individual growth.

  In the recent years to target the children, there should be newer techniques used to entice the people. The children in cosmopolitan cities such as Melbourne are used to a wide variety of technology. In this many of the modern companies use stealth marketing to draw in the consumers (Saren et al., 2012). It has been found that in the case of television advertising, the marketers use tactics of embedding the products with the actual programmable content. There are many efforts taken by the marketing mediums to develop loyalty for the brand. Repeating is another important factor that actually works. The commercial message is repeated in many platforms where the children access (Kolb, 2013). These are to gain familiarity with the products. There is the attention gathering production features that are important to make the children develop a liking towards the brand. This group of audiences is very technologically savvy. Many of the existing brands are found to use specific logos on the page. There is intentional repeating of the brand that would make the audience connect with the brand. Another popular medium is by using the gaming technology. Online games are used by this demography frequently. Conventionally, it was assumed that boys played the video games. These facts have however changed girls and boys are now equally involved in the gaming community. These online video games in the social media pages and the social media have been gaining a lot of prominence with the younger demography. There can be the messages that are subtle or overt to make the people interested in a particular brand.