Assignment First

  本篇論文代寫-中小企業主的廣告策略講了爲達到本研究的主要目的,即,爲有效評估悉尼《泰晤士報商業輔導》中小企業主的廣告策略,進行了初步研究。因此,爲了有效地達到研究的目的和進行有用的調查,應該使用計劃良好的問卷。這份問卷將通過電子郵件隨機發給悉尼地區約50名小企業主。本篇論文代寫文章由英國第一論文 Assignment First輔導網整理,供大家參考閱讀。

  The Primary Research

  With the aim to achieve the main goal of this research, i.e., to effectively evaluate the advertising strategy for small business owner of “Times Business Coaching” in Sydney, a primary research is done. Therefore, a well-planned questionnaire would be used to effectively achieve the goals of the research and to conduct useful survey. This questionnaire would be given to around 50 randomly chosen small business owners in the region of Sydney via emails.

  This survey is targeted in obtaining the opinions of the 50 randomly chosen small businesses owners in the region of Sydney. They are the respondents of this survey. With the help of revert email their opinions are expected to be gathered. The use of emails is done to save the survey cost as well as time and makes the survey easier for the respondents. The information regarding the use of the opinion given by the respondents would be explicitly explained to them. Further the survey would maintain thorough confidentiality of the identity as well as contact details of the respondents. Appendix 1 contains the Questionnaire to be used.

  The Secondary Research

  After the primary survey form of research the thorough secondary literature review would be done in order to effectively apply the hybrid research methodology. As the primary research is a survey based quantitative method of research, the secondary research is done in a qualitative manner by using the method of literature review research. The outcome of the literature reviews would then be utilized to strengthen the results of the questionnaire based survey. By making effective use of these different methods of research, it would be ensured that the all the comparative as well as encompassing results regarding the research queries are obtained to conclude the research.