Assignment First


监视是对出于各种目的的在线或离线活动的监视。在当今世界,可以注意到的是人们在互联网上投入了太多的时间和精力(Hartley, Burgess & Bruns, 2013)。人们选择互联网作为与他人互动的媒介,同时发布关于自己的各种细节,这样人们就可以建立更大的圈子和群体,与更多的人互动。我个人对当今时代的隐私和监控的一些担忧是,没有什么是隐私的了,尤其是当一些内容被发布在互联网上的时候。许多社交网站都可以对陌生人和其他人隐藏各种细节,但同时这些数据对网站和网站所有者都是可用的。这是一个涉及各个方面的深层网络,其复杂性和含义是普通人无法理解的。我主要担心的是那些在社交网站上发布东西的人会被遗忘,他们永远不知道他们的细节如何被用于各种未知的目的(Kauffeldt & Bie, 2005)。

这是一个数字时代,毫无疑问,无论是个人生活还是职业生活,技术都主宰着所有的领域。在这个时代,人们永远不会知道这其中的含义,也不会知道究竟有什么样的个人隐私。如果涉及到与internet相关的简单示例,则有中介机构、第三方和政府,如果需要,它们可以方便地查看发布的内容。当发布的数据可用时,即使只是对政府或所需的代理,使用的安全性或私密性如何(Prodnik, n.d.)?

论文润色 :个人在互联网上对隐私有什么顾虑?

What are some concerns that you personally have about privacy and surveillance? What are the implications for personal privacy in the Digital Age?
Surveillance is all about monitoring of activities which might be online or offline for various purposes. In today’s world, what can be noticed is that people invest too much time and energy on the internet (Hartley, Burgess & Bruns, 2013). Internet is chosen as a medium of interaction with other people and at the same time for posting various details about one self so that people can make bigger circles and `groups and interact with more people. Some of the concerns that I personally have with privacy and surveillance of today’s age is that nothing is private anymore, especially when some content is posted on the internet. Many social networking sites have the option of hiding various details from strangers and other people on the internet but at the same time this data is something that is available to the site and the people who own the site. It’s a deep network involving various facets whose complications and implications are not understood by the common man. My main concern remains the oblivion nature of the people who post things on social sites, and they never know how their details can be used for various unknown purposes (Kauffeldt & Bie, 2005).
This is the Digital Age, and technology undoubtedly rules all the spheres, whether it’s personal or professional life. One never gets to know about the implications or the exact kind of personal privacy provided in this age. If a simple example related to the internet is concerned, there are intermediaries, the third parties and the government who can easily view the content posted if required. This is when the data posted is made available, even just to the government or the required agency, how secured or private is the usage (Prodnik, n.d.)?