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matlab代写:Quasyr Amra的壁画




萨萨尼艺术:在Quasyr Amra的壁画中,萨萨尼艺术形式是在建筑群墙壁上发现的Musil的影响。其中一个戏剧性的场景描绘了六名歌手,他们都戴着精心制作的帽子,其中包括萨珊沙·基斯拉。这清楚地描绘了萨珊艺术风格的影响。基本上,萨珊艺术是一种熟悉罗马和拜占庭艺术主题和技巧的艺术,它还包括大量与希腊有关的主题。无论是肖像还是大型灰泥装饰的使用。


matlab代写 :Quasyr Amra的壁画

Another very famous fresco is present in the audience hall. It has been created in the form of an apse-like thrown chamber where one of the paintings has been designed to be as a haloed dignity. This kind of design represents to be like a caliph, who has been sitting in the canopy of fabric which is being surrounded by the images of birds and the monsters. After this image, lies another beautiful image at the southern section of the western wall. Another depiction is something which describes the lavish figures of the east, three of which lies in the foreground. The arms in these figures have been extended towards the right and the three other figures have been positioned behind them. The first four figures represented the painting of the Byzantium emperor, the Persian Shah, the Negus of Ethopia and the Visigothic king, Roderich. The Greek and the Arabic inscriptions which were portrayed in the frescoes super scribed one another. The other two figures were of the emperor of China and that of the Khan of Turks. While the Persian shah represents the eastern influence the images of Byzantium emperor, represented the western style. These two frescos give the symbol of the Islamic Caliph’s ascendancy over the powerful assembly which consists of contemporaneous kings. These frescos which are built in the bath building are unique because they represent the Islamic art during the times of Umayyad. The representations of relaxation of the prince while being away from the earthly cares, the provision of a new insight to the Islamic art and the derivation of the same from the classical precedents represent the mix of eastern and western styles.

Some of the common art styles which have been described in the frescos include the following:
Hellentic style: It is the form of art which has been emerged in Rome after the death of Alexander. The use of the style in which there are the figures which can be admired by the people from all the angles and include the draping or the effects of transparency and the nudity of the images. The frescos consisted of the image of the nude women who is there at the bath while the men are viewing her from the above. This clearly signifies the Hellenic style of art which the figures or the sculptures are created in such a manner that they don’t have clothes. The twists and the deep undercuts of the women have been created in a perfect manner in the frescoes and the nude body of the women has been created. These nude images are the influence of the Hellenic art. Thus, it can be said that it is a western influence.

Sasanian art: Sasanian form of art at the frescoes of Quasyr Amra is the influence of the Musil which was found on the walls of the complex. One of the dramatic scenes which depict six sings who are present in the elaborate headgear includes the Sasanian Shah Kisra. This clearly depicted the influence of the Sasanian art style. Basically the Sasanian art was something which was acquainted with the themes and the techniques related to the Rome and Byzantine art and it had also include a large number of subjects which were related to Greece. Be it the iconography or the use of the large scale decoration of the stucco.
Byzantine Art: Be it the portrays where the men are hunting or the depictions of different kinds of animals and birds, these clearly show the influence of the byzantine art. These paintings provide a clearly different and a deeper insight to the classical and Byzantine precedents. Be it the zodiac dome or the human portraits or the depictions related to the Animals or the birds are something which was found in the very initial part of the Islamic art.