by | 1-Aug-2013 | 英国留学常识


I am excellent in time management and the scheduling of our team works well. There is a said “ Without passion you cannot over come the bumps and triumph when all seems lost.” Our team member both have the passion in doing our events. We may only do a very short presentation in class, but it was still contain many hidden hard work behind our success. Not only for these, some learning experiences inspired me to walk on the road. I am not good at English as a native person, I don’t understand some words meaning, my teammates often helped me to understand even they spell for me, letting me know more about the meaning of the words or sentences. In fact, I don’t know how to do video but our team have no time to shot a perfect video showing to the client, so I decided to make a slide show for everyone. I search the Internet and study how to make slideshow, finding others photo in the Facebook and search festival’s pictures. I was surprised that everyone loved it when I showed to them, I am very happy and satisfied, I know there is a sentence: no pain, no gain. I thought I have gained a lot from my work. From this course, it has made me recognize capacity for and enjoyment of learning, it has given me a greater understanding of my own learning process and also made me feel more in touch with my classmates, they really gives me a big hand. Also, from our teamwork, I got excellent organizational skills, good communication and “people skills”. I had the ability to work as part of a team and still on my own initiative, I am really happy and has a positive attitude on doing every project. We are all able to carry out my vision and sometimes crack the whip to get it done. Our team members are all the excellent communicator and pay more attention to details. We are communicative, with the ability to listen and understand what the client is looking to achieve. My management skill has improved a lot, like I said before, I am not sure how to use excel and how to account the budget. But now, I can do it fluently. I got the good ability in budget awareness and I can also find where to get the price of transit van, venue hire, refreshments or some other things. Form our effort, we are make sure that everything goes well on the day, we do all the prepare before. For instance: we researching venues, contacts and suppliers, booking venues, make sure the caterers and security. One other thing is that we have a high level of attention to details. We search the money in different venues and make compare form different views to those places, choosing the best one to hold events. We have the ability to work under pressure and meet tight deadline, we do all the preparation before, but in order to make sure everything runs wonderful we often meet together before our presentation and practice time by time.