MBA论文代写 营销

| 4-12月-2013 | 英国论文代写


The businesses which are successful always manage to find a strategic fit between the firm and the environment it operates in while formulating a strategy. The strategic marketing plan should also be based on a consumer perspective. It must be aligned with the vision of the organization and must build on the strengths and avoid the weaknesses. It should also aim to minimize the threats and optimize the opportunities. The 6Ps of marketing must be properly identified.  Segmentation, Targeting and Positioning (STP) plays a crucial role in the development of strategic marketing plan.


成功的企业总是设法找到一个战略适合公司和环境之间的运作而制定的策略。战略营销计划也应该基于消费者的视角。它必须与组织的愿景,必须建立的优点,避免缺点。它还应该致力于减少威胁和优化的机会。6 ps营销必须正确识别。市场细分、目标市场和市场定位(STP)中扮演着关键角色发展的战略营销计划