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Important views:

The building did not comply with any rule of conventional style, for which Gaudi received much criticism. For starters, the name “La Pedrera” is actually a nickname given by the citizens who decried his heterodoxy. Magazines were satirical and their feedback was in the space of disseminating criticism. Junceda presented it in a joke as an “Easter cake”; Ishmael Smith hinted that he had suffered an earthquake, Picarol assimilated it to an imaginary anti-war theme or as a statement in defense of the war in Morocco, or as a hangar for dirigibles. In his diary Joaquim Renart joked about the difficulty of putting hangings and wrought iron balconies. However, they also had defenders. One of the first was Salvador Dalí, who acclaimed the architecture in Minotaure magazine in 1933.[1] Subsequently, he was praised by the likes of Le Corbusier, George Collins and Alexandre Cirici Pellicer.



建筑不符合任何常规的样式规则,而高迪受到许多的批评。首先,名为“La Pedrera”实际上是一个绰号,由市民谴责他的异端。杂志是讽刺和他们的反馈是传播批评空间。junceda提交一个笑话作为一种“复活节蛋糕”;以实玛利史密斯暗示他已经遭受了地震,picarol同化到一个想象中的反战主题或在摩洛哥的战争辩护声明,或作为飞艇机库。在他的日记里Joaquim renart开玩笑说把困难和锻铁阳台壁挂。然而,也有人。第一个是萨尔瓦多·达利í,谁著名建筑米诺陶洛斯杂志1933。随后,他被Le柯布西耶喜欢赞扬,乔治柯林斯和亚历山大西里奇皮尼塞尔。