Assignment First




From the external viewpoints it was evident that the report has failed to engage sufficiently the stakeholders may be due to the inadequate establishment of sufficient progress in regional training departments and then consistently isolating the institutes of academics and researching involved within HIV or AIDS. Furthermore, the report does not link several research care institutes related to HIV or AIDs such as Red Cross organization of HIVNAT implying inadequate clinical research collaboration and also in certain cases limited Bamras patient’s access for ARV trials. Limited contact was made by the report team to universities depicting a weak link. However Bamras being a CDC hospital and universities being administered through several departments of government and their individual hospitals in turn helped in indicating and justifying the shortage of link.

Additionally, not strong support was gained by the project as evident from the report was gained from the Thai Government even though they were an important stakeholder in the project. However at the time of evaluation, the Thai government seemed supportive ad this could have raised an ethical problem because what the evaluator was saying was considered as right but the reason behind key proponents in the project indicted that lesser support does not cause any inappropriate influence on the goals of the project.

From the perspective of the patients and workers at the hospital with regard to the selected project report had mixed views. Some found the project to be expressive and highly relevant for their requirements while others did not acknowledge it appropriately. This in turn depicts lack of stakeholder engagement as the stakeholders were not involved at each and every step of this project’s implementation (Hale, 1998). Family members on the other hand felt that this project would not be beneficial for them and it is rather centred on the client. These family members of the patients are also important stakeholders but their requirement was not dealt appropriately.