Assignment First




Stakeholders are the most important asset of the organization and it is important to secure this stake holders. The process of change can be difficult to analyze for most of the stake holder groups because they are associated with the process of change. The biggest challenge for the organization is about resolving the issues and concerns of stakeholders about the change and this will be discussed in the coming sections of the report.

Change is conducted by many organizations throughout the world and some of them fail during the process of change. For example: merger between Ford motors and Changan group of automobiles was a successful merger but the lack of interest from the Ford motor lead to face many consequences of this change. The company was not willing to adapt the local re engineering that was present in China. Along with this the company was not interested in using the local engineers in the process of automobile development and because of this the demand of the products in the local market was reduced. Later the company realized that they were not adapting properly to the change process during the merger and this was giving them loses.

The competitive market place has demanded to implement the latest technologies by the organization. By using this change many companies can work on increasing the market segment of the customers. After reviewing the analysis about the company it is important to all involve the stakeholders that can be involved during the process of change. When these stake holders are involved in the process then the process of change conducted can be successful and beneficial for the organization. The report has detailed analysis of the change process and how can stakeholders present impact on the process of change.