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非洲裔美国人不被允许在其内部进行代理,但他们用来组成非正式机构。奴隶们过去常常组成他们的机构,有时是一个集体机构,有时他们在个人层面上抗议奴隶制度。当Douglass被William Freeland的一位仁慈的主人雇来的,Douglass把他的奴隶任职期间。Douglass开始教育他的同胞奴隶甚至计划自己的逃跑(D,2009)。被抓来策划逃跑的奴隶们被要求学习为奴隶设计的贸易。Douglass成了一个仍未被允许雇佣自己的时间与他省下来的钱去纽约。Douglass被聘为美国反奴隶制协会讲师。奴隶们生活在劳累的环境中,工作过度,食物不足,衣服有限,没有床铺。如果奴隶们试图打破规则,他们遭到毒打,甚至被枪杀的种植园监工。






African –American slaves were able to assert agency within it

The African –Americans were not allowed to assert agency within it but they use to form informal agencies.  Slaves used to form their agencies, sometimes a group agency and sometimes they worked on individual levels for protesting slavery.  Douglass when was hired by William Freeland who was one of the kinder masters, Douglass had during his slavery tenure. Douglass started educating his fellow salves and even planned his own escape (Douglass, 2009). Slaves when caught for planning their escapes were made to learn a trade designed for slaves. Douglass became a caulker and was allowed to hire his own time with which he saved money and went to New York. Douglass was hired as an American Antislavery Society lecturer. Slaves use to live in exhausted conditions with overwork, little food, limited clothing articles and no beds. If slaves tried to break rules, they were beaten brutally and were even shot by the plantation overseers.

Did slave holders enjoyed total domination

In Baltimore, slaves enjoyed relatively more freedom than other places. They received that freedom from the non-slaveholding segment among the urban population with their set standards for decency. These standards prevented the slaveholders from behaving with extreme cruelty towards their slaves and they all live in a city that has increased possibilities for open society.  Douglass here in Baltimore met whites who opposed slavery and treated Douglass as a human being.  On the other hand, there were places on the country side which were under high surveillance by the shareholders over their slaves and the slaves did not have any considerable amount of freedom and mobility (Douglass, 2003). The slave owners took sexual advantages of women slaves. Slave owners beat slaves brutally especially out of jealously in any other slave or slave owner paid attention towards any women slaves. For example, Douglass’s aunt Hester was beaten by her master out of jealously because another slave from other plantation paid attention towards her.  The slaves sing songs to forget or explain the kind of pain they were experiencing due to mistreatment and beating by their masters and used jargons that conveyed the depths of the hardships of the slaves.


Douglass had faced a very painful life and had witnessed acts of cruelty that included beatings for no causes that sometimes extended to murders of the slaves by the white slave owners as a form of punishments for no justified reasons. Douglass says that blacks were in no ways subhuman but were treated in dehumanized ways through the brutal and cruel practices of slavery.