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Another view is of parents’ role and participation in elementary students’ academic performance provided by Jeynes in his research (Jeynes). The results showed that parents’ participation in students schooling does have a positive effect on students’ academic career and achievement. The results also showed that parents’ involvement has a significant effect on students’ of racial minority in their grades and performance. This is a view which is being surveyed and researched, but in case of both parent working, it becomes difficult to participate whole heartedly in their child’s development. Parental involvement is also an added advantage in supporting the student’s performance when standardized tests may not be very effective in equipping the student to learn and gain knowledge. Parental presence tends to give more confidence to the student in facing the tests, and sometimes the much needed motivation may come from the parent instead of the teacher. This particular thought is also agreed by Eccles and Harold (Eccles and Harold).

Many social scientists have argued about the parental involvement in urban elementary schools and its increasing importance due to factors like two parent working families, high family dissolution rates, and some unique sociological pressures on children (Crane; Green This is correct because in today’s period of excessive competition in the economic world where parents are busy with steering their career, it may be difficult or even not possible for them to spend time with them at home, let alone at the school.

It is also seen that standardized tests tend to form gender and racial divides even when the subject has attained a national level attention (Good This is also visibly apparent because, when students achieve lower grades for the same exam, they do not get admission in colleges of their choice or even get to select the subject of their choice. This even shapes the entire life of the student in their future when they get jobs, their income, and their standard of living and so on. So these small looking results tend to form roll over effects on the students career which probably remains forever, because every effect produces a different action from students which then has different reactions. All these are interlinked with the education system’s negligence in supporting each child in an individual way and equip them with teachings and knowledge which will help them throughout their life and make them self-dependent.