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伟人理论认为,领导是一种与生俱来的品质,它存在于人的身上。它主要基于领导者的诞生这一范式。领导者被认为是具有领导人民的强制性要求的英雄。这一理论是在19世纪提出的,在现代有一定的相关性。这一理论受到了批评。这一理论被认为是父权制理论,其领导特质是由父权理论发展而来的。然而,这一理论不能完全否定。马尔科姆·特恩布尔被认为具有某些领导人的特征。特恩布尔是一位卓有成效的领导者,他成功地给党内人民带来了希望,并作为一位卓有成效的领导者领导他们(Crabb, 2016)。然而,这个理论并没有讨论如何培养领导特质。特恩布尔运用了许多领导理论和方法来处理澳大利亚面临的问题。

paper代写 :马尔科姆·特恩布尔的领导方法

据观察,领导者有很强的自我意识。要理解关于自我意识的概念,需要理解三个因素。领导者具有较强的情感意识、准确的自我评价和较强的自信心(Germain, 2012)。这就是特恩布尔能够领先托尼·阿博特并赢得选举的原因。除此之外,两位领导人都被发现具有与人沟通的基本同理心。

分析认为,特恩布尔遵循的是权变领导模式。Fiedler (Fiedler, 2015)提出了权变模型。在这方面,在领导地位和局势本身的压力之间是有区别的。这些紧张的情况往往会导致领导者感到压力,无法正常工作。在这种情况下,领导者的智慧更有效。领导者的这种智慧通常可以从没有压力的情况中获得。菲尔德勒强调,人们应该关注这些方法来创造一个没有压力的局面,以确保领导能够满足形势的要求。这是一个动态模型,当群体面临这种情况时,人们会相互影响。权变模型用于从属性领导向个性领导的转变。运用这一理论,领导应该能够在范式内引起变革性的变化。从分析中可以看出,首相是按照权变理论来处理局势的。

paper代写 :马尔科姆·特恩布尔的领导方法

Great Man theory suggests that the leadership is an innate quality which is found in people. It primarily operates on the paradigm that the leader is born. The leader is considered to be a hero who has the mandatory requirements to lead the people. This theory was formulated in the 19th century and has some relevance in the modern times. This theory has been criticized. It has been considered that this theory is patriarchal and the leadership traits are developed. Nevertheless, this theory cannot be discounted completely. Malcolm Turnbull is believed to have certain characteristics of the leaders. Turnbull is an effective leader who has managed to give hope to the people in the party and lead them as an effective leader (Crabb, 2016). However, this theory does not discuss about the ways in which leadership trait can be developed. Turnbull has used a number of leadership theories and approaches to deal with the issues facing Australian nation.
It has been observed that there is strong self-awareness that has been observed in the leader. To understand about the concept, relate to self-awareness there should be understanding of three factors. There is a strong emotional awareness, accurate self-assessment and a strong self-confidence in the leader (Germain, 2012). This is the reason that Turnbull was able to gain a lead over Tony Abbott and win the election. Apart from this, both the leaders have been found to have the basic empathy to relate to people.

paper代写 :马尔科姆·特恩布尔的领导方法

From analysis, it has been felt that the Contingency model of leadership is followed by Turnbull. Contingency model has been proposed by Fiedler (Fiedler, 2015). In this, there is a distinction that is made between the leadership position and the stresses of the situation in itself. These stressful situations often lead to the leader to be stressed and not be able to function. In these situation, the intelligence of the leader is more effective. This intelligence for the leader can often be derived from stress-free situations. Fieldler stresses that the people should focus on these ways to create a stress free situation in order to ensure that the leadership is able to meet the demands of the situation. This is a dynamic model where the people are said to interact with each other as the group faces the situation. The contingency model is used to shift from attribute leadership to personality. By using this theory, the leadership should be able to cause transformational changes within the paradigm. From analysis, it can be understood that the Prime minister follows a contingency theory to deal with the situations.