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  本篇personal statement 代写-澳洲的经济发展讲了在上一个时代,最赚钱的行业之一是采矿业。在当今时代,关于采矿作业的观点已经发生了变化。在过去几十年里,采矿过程和作业被认为对社会和环境具有破坏性。然而,在当今时代,采矿过程应该是“对社会负责”和“可持续的”商业实践。当今时代,人们的优先级发生了变化。然而,经济生计问题被认为是维持生活质量的最重要因素之一。企业必须保持可持续发展,解决可持续发展的问题。本篇personal statement 代写文章由英国第一论文 Assignment First辅导网整理,供大家参考阅读。

  Brueckner, M., Durey, A., Mayes, R. & Pforr, C. (2013). The mining boom and Western Australia’s changing landscape: Towards sustainability or business as usual?. Rural Society, 22(2), pp.111-124.

  One of the most lucrative businesses in the previous era was mining. In the current times, the viewpoints regarding the mining operations have changed. In the past decades, mining processes and operations were considered to be socially and environmentally disruptive. However, in the current times, it is about the mining processes to be “socially responsible” and “sustainable” business practices. In the current times, the priority of the people has changed. However, the issue of economic sustenance is considered to be one of the most important factors in maintaining quality of life. It is imperative for the businesses to be sustainable and address this issue of sustainability. This is the reason for considering the research. An innate requirement of certain minerals and metals for the production and manufacturing industry is present. The increase in the population in the cities such as Melbourne showcases the importance of businesses and quality of life. This research is particularly important as it focuses on the ways in which the businesses try to strike a balance between the sustainability and manufacturing. This is an important research as it tries to form a liaison between the ways of pointing to the fallacies in economic policy and the requiem to ensure that overall prosperity and sustainability is maintained in the process. The ways to address the changing urban landscape while procuring of resources using reasonable means are detailed in this research.

  The research below focuses on the ways of ensuring financial sustainability in Auckland.

  Faherty, T. R. & Morrissey, J. E. (2014). Challenges to active transport in a car-dependent urban environment: a case study of Auckland, New Zealand. International Journal of Environmental Science and Technology, 11(8), pp.2369-2386.

  Wide range of literature suggests that the urban transport practices are not sustainable. The factors that can address these challenges are wider active transport mode such as walking or cycling. Auckland is an urban development that depends primarily on cars. This is similar to the metropolitan urban cities across the spectrum. To address this system, the Auckland Council is trying to foster transportation by other means. A change in the range of policy instruments are required that try to curtail the car dependency. The changing of the urban developments ensures that the people can use means of transport other than cars for their mobility. The transport authorities need to find ways to address this challenge and reduce the significant impact of cars. The integrated approach of walking and cycling is explored in detail in this analysis. Transportation is dependent on the housing and access to the various resources. The ways to address transport is by addressing the urban development. These have been detailed in the following.

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