personal statement代 写:理想的经理与员工比例

personal statement代写:理想的经理与员工比例


personal statement代写 :理想的经理与员工比例


personal statement代写 :理想的经理与员工比例

The working of the company suggested the importance of the need to have optimum ratio between the managers and employees. This is critical for managing the right kind of balance in the working of the organization. As such, there is an important need for the conduct of the management of the operations. Having too little managerial strength would lower the quality of control over the working of the employees. Further, having a large and complicated managerial strength would lead to over-control and reduced autonomy of the employees. This kind of scenario would reduce the quality of working of the employees. They would be less motivated to work as everything would be micro-managed by the supervisors which leave no scope for the improvement in the working by the employees .

personal statement代写 :理想的经理与员工比例

Independence of the employees and decentralization of organizational structure
There is a need to have a fine balance between control of the working of the employees and the presence of autonomy of the employees. When the organization provides required level of autonomy to the employees, it allows them to grow with their own initiatives. Further, it ensures that the working of the employees is not constrained by the attempts of micro-management by the supervisors. This is an important aspect of human resource policy. There is a constant need among the managers to get involved in the working of the employees without getting in the way to stifle their ambitions. Further, there should be efforts for managing the intentions for developing individuals focus and attention. So, the company has been involved in the right kind of process which has allowed the organization to have management of the employees with proper focus and attention to autonomy. The hands-off policy of the supervisors empowers the employees to take their own decisions and truly develops a decentralized organization. Such decentralization of the organizational decision-making process allows the company to push forward for the higher level of growth and development .