在积极的方面,领导者使用权变理论。这被认为是适当的,因为有些问题是无法预测的。领导者需要考虑很多选择,并应对一些新的威胁(Dahl, 2013)。英国脱欧和金融市场稳定是英国人民难以预料的问题。因此,这种情况几乎是不可预测的。同样的问题也存在于人们的安全处理中。这位领导人已经尝试了很多方法来制定一项政策,确保所有内阁成员都参与处理这个问题。该党的新自由主义政策也受到领导人的调控。这表明,在处理这些问题上,领导人有一条温和的道路可走。领导者似乎还具有与人民打交道的魅力(Van Wart, 2014)。

PS代写 :领导使用权变理论的一些问题分析


然而,权变理论中的一些问题是,它倾向于关注最近的问题,有时长期的解决方案可能在这个过程中被蒙蔽。伟人理论也不适用于内阁中的反对派(Marsiglia, 2013)。即使领导者有领导人民的魅力,特恩布尔还需要更多的特质和中间路线来解决问题。

PS代写 :领导使用权变理论的一些问题分析

On a positive front, the leader uses the contingency theory. This is deemed appropriate because some fo the issues cannot be predicted. There are a lot of options that the leader needs to consider and also address some of the newer emerging threats (Dahl, 2013). The issue of Brexit and the financial market stability was an issue that was difficult for the people in Britain to predict. Hence, such situation is almost not predictable. The same issue is also found in the handling of safety of the people. The leader has tried many ways to develop a policy of ensuring that all the people in the cabinet were on board to deal with the issue. The neo liberal policy of the party was also regulated by the leader. This shows that there is a moderate path that the leader takes to deal with the issues. There is also the charisma that the leader seems to possess to deal with the people (Van Wart, 2014).

PS代写 :领导使用权变理论的一些问题分析

Hence, there is a combination of situational contingency theory and behavioral Great Man theory in the leadership approaches that have been taken by Turnbull.
However, some of the issues in contingency theory are that it tends to focus on the recent issues and some time the long term solutions might get deluded in this process. Great man theory also does not work with the opposition in the cabinet (Marsiglia, 2013). Even though the leader has the charisma to lead the people, there are a lot more traits and a middle approach that Turnbull needs to take in order to address the solution.