Assignment First

本篇文章主要讲述的是苹果公司产品评估,本报告旨在探讨及评估消费者对Apple Watch产品的认知及动机。本报告将提供关于产品的详细描述,解释消费者在创新采纳曲线上的位置和原因。当考虑长期投资手表时,全球数字创新的快速步伐意味着Apple watch可能在短短几年内过时(Noel, 2014)。在黑色和白色中,它毕竟只是另一种依赖于不断过时的软件的电子设备,最终将使它变得无用,不像传统的手表(Pluke, 2014)。本篇ps代写文章由英国第一论文 Assignment First辅导网整理,供大家参考阅读。

The aim of this report is to discuss and evaluate the perceptions and motivation of consumer for the product of Apple Watch. Providing a detailed description about the product, this report will explain why and where there will be placement of consumer on the innovation adoption Curve. When considering a watch for a long-term investment, the fast pace of global digital innovation means the Apple Watch could become obsolete within just a few short years (Noël, 2014). In black and white, it is after all just another electronic device reliant on ever-outdated software that will eventually render it useless, unlike a traditional watch (Pluke, 2014).
Apple has been identified as among the brands that is an early adopter in the larger industry, and this particular phenomenon has been increasing with time. Due to the buzz of media in context with Apple Watch, there had been a provision of the most protracted periods of launch in the history of Apple, with minimum leak of information until its first launch (Sahasranamam, 2014). This can be considered as specifically lucrative instead of the fact that Apple has been outselling the yearly sales of Android when compared for a period of two days (Pinson & Brosdahl, 2014).
It is a well- known fact that early adopters have started to become even more rapid factors of rejection. The most significant change is that the society can still be considered as far more demanding and unforgiving of them (Schöning, 2014). The curve of abandonment appears to be steeper by ten times than the curve of adoption over new products.
Backing up a newly developed technology cannot be considered as an easy decision. Full commitment towards it is also extremely difficult, specifically when there seems to be no proven trach record or real market (Gent, 2014). While the actual question is yet to be answered, opportunities for exploration and commitment are in existence, allowing a number of cautious brands for testing the key aspects, as done by a large group of customers.