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评价过程有助于指导员工的绩效,也有助于员工的自我评价(Liao, et al., 2009)。监控员工绩效是管理者的重要职能之一,通过帮助持续分析员工绩效,有助于公司的整体发展(Shaw, et al., 2009)。

ps代写 :人力资源部给员工备忘录的评估过程



ps代写 :人力资源部给员工备忘录的评估过程

The following memorandum has been prepared in order to notify the employees at PrepNTeach about the imminent performance review and evaluation process for the annual evaluation period. To keep with the present organizational structure, the department heads are notified to complete the evaluation process by adhering to the service quality standards and the performance measures as had been developed in accordance with the position description.
The evaluation process would help in guiding the employee performance and help in their self-evaluation as well (Liao, et al., 2009). Monitoring staff performance is one of the crucial functions of the supervisors and helps in the overall growth of the company by helping in continuous analysis of employee performances (Shaw, et al., 2009).

ps代写 :人力资源部给员工备忘录的评估过程

It is important for all the Department Heads and the employees to maintain coordination during the evaluation process. Additionally, those who have been able to maintain the particular standards in their performance would be awarded with specific incentives and bonuses.
The evaluation form would be available from the Human Resources Department or can be downloaded from the HR section of the Website. The Human Resources Team would help with any information and assistance throughout the entire process of the review.