Assignment First

  本篇ps代写-学校里的同性恋者讲了学校里的同性恋学生不断受到攻击。即使在这之后,他们也要承担同样的责任。这更多是因为其他学生的心态。他们的父母通常教导学生同性恋者不是好人。他们被认为是不同于社会的正常成员。其他学生有一个误解,认为任何形式的性暴力都可以针对同性恋者。人们提出的另一个误解是,他们认为对同性恋实施性暴力会纠正他们。本篇ps代写文章由英国第一论文 Assignment First辅导网整理,供大家参考阅读。

  Lack and Knowledge and misunderstanding

  The homosexual students in schools are attacked on the continuous basis. Even after this, it is they who are considered responsible for the same. This is more because of the mindset of the other students. It is generally taught to the students by their parents that homosexuals are not good people. They are considered to be different from the normal members of the society. The other students have a misconception that any kind of sexual violence can be done against the homosexuals. Another misunderstanding which is raised by the people is that they feel that by doing sexual violence against homosexual they will correct them. “Corrective Rape” is term which is often used for the same.This is an attempt to turn the people heterosexual. Another misunderstanding which the students have is that homosexuality is against the law of the nature (Almeida et al. 2009, p.1001). The students are taught this by their parents. They want that their children should hate the homosexuals and should give no respect to them. Because of this, the students feel that anyone who is homosexual is doing an act which is against the God. This is one of the major reasons for the sexual violence in school. It is believed by the students that the God has not made the people to be this way. They have a misconception about what exactly is natural. According to their view point, natural is something which is said by the majority or natural is something which is done by the majority. Homosexuals arenot in the majority, and therefore, they are considered to be doing wrong (DuRant, Krowchukandand Sinal 1998, p.101). A yet another misunderstanding that these students have is that these homosexuals are generally mentally ill and can be harmful. It is also considered by the children in schools that the homosexuals generally have the tendency to abuse others. It is sometimes considered that they may also be frightened of someone from opposite sex. Most of the people have a certain amount of hatred for the homosexual people. A yet another misunderstanding which the students have is that the homosexuals may be attracted to any person of the same gender around them and force them for sex. This is nothing but the mere lack of knowledge. The students’ needs to understand if any person is straight, does he or she gets around with every person of opposite sex which he/ she sees. Even if any homosexual shows interest in another student, one can easily refuse and go ahead. Another misunderstanding which the homosexual students have to face is that these homosexuals may attack the other people. It is wrong and not more than paranoia. This is the similar kind of behaviour which was shown by whites for blacks. Another misconception which is there among the minds of the teachers in the schools is that the homosexuals are setting up a bad example in the school. In order to ensure that the other students do not follow homosexuality, they keep on doing violent act against homosexual students, or motivate other students to be bad to them. It is believed that homosexuals may set up a bad example for the other children (Duncan & Hatzenbuehler 2014, p.272). Another reason for the violence against the homosexuals in the schools is that these students may lead to the STD’s such as AIDS and others. In case the data is observed, the straight students and infected from higher STD’s in comparison from homosexual students. Thus, it can be explained easily that this is nothing more than a mere misconception which the society is having. Homosexuals are considered to be inferior in each and every society. Be it the media, the friends, the family or any other member of the society, everyone considers them as inferiors. The students are taught to hate the homosexuals at all times (Mitchell, Ybarra & Korchmaros 2014, p.280). Therefore, it is very important to understand that these young children are having a lot of misconception about the homosexual’s students. These feelings are inhibited from their parents and relatives.