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必须采取若干步骤。其中一些重要的步骤可以进一步讨论。首先,第一步是从仔细的计划生育开始的,这意味着父母决定他们将如何进行怀孕。第二重要的步骤是选择一位经验丰富的好医生,帮助父母度过怀孕的不同阶段,并帮助他们更好地照顾孩子。此外,正确的饮食是女性通常避免的主要步骤。孕妇必须吃正确的食物,为自己和孩子提供适当的营养。维生素和矿物质的摄入量应该按照医生的建议来开。随着生活方式的调节,包括在怀孕期间应该进行适当的锻炼,睡眠和健康的生活方式是必须看到的。家庭和亲戚需要照顾怀孕的母亲,以减轻她的压力水平,让她一直快乐(Pillitteri, 2007)。定期与医生进行检查,并适当接种疫苗,以保护儿童免受包括爱滋病在内的各种疾病的侵害。

最后,如果母亲有吸烟和喝酒的习惯,所有这些都必须停止。吸烟和饮酒必须被排除在儿童的健康和保健之外,因为这些习惯可能对发育中的胚胎的健康产生不利影响(Willer, 1991)。因此,可以说,预防儿童死亡的首要方法之一是改变生活方式。



这对夫妇准备成为分娩中心的机构应该是一个良好的机构,没有不良的分娩记录,在分娩时和分娩后需要各种各样的设施,以及医生的分娩史(Reuben, 1992)。可用各种药物和补品,需要家庭和孩子出生和存在的相关重要成员所有其他的孩子和母亲的支持,同样重要的是当涉及到孩子的健康和幸福。


数学代写 :儿童出生前的儿童保健

Like it has been mentioned before, child health care before child birth consists of the care that has to be taken by the couple and their family of the mother and the unborn child so that every complication can be avoided in future and near future (London, 2011). The world is changing and with the changing lifestyle and the increase in the level of pollution in everything one faces, it becomes very important that the mother and the embryo are protected and taken care of.
There are a number of steps which have to be taken. Some of the important steps can be classified have been discussed further. To begin with the first step begins with careful family planning, which means that the parents decide as to how they would go about the pregnancy. Second important steps starts which selecting an experienced and a good doctor who would help the parents through the different stages of pregnancy and would also help them in taking better care of the child. Also eating right is the major step which usually the women avoid. An expecting mother has to eat the right kind of food for proper nutrition for herself and the child. Vitamins and mineral intakes should be prescribed and taken as per the doctor’s recommendation. Along with the regulation of lifestyle, which includes proper exercises which should be carried out during pregnancy, sleep and a healthy lifestyle over all is something which has to be seen too. The family and the relatives need to take care of the expecting mother in a way which reduces her stress level and keeps her happy all the time (Pillitteri, 2007).Regular check-ups with the doctors and proper vaccination which is required so that the child can be protected from various kinds of diseases including HIV/AIDS.
Lastly in case the mother has habits like smoking and drinking, all that has to stop. Smoking and drinking has to be left out for the child’s health and care as these habits may adversely affect the health of the developing embryo (Willer, 1991). Thus it can be said that one of the first ways in which child mortality can be prevented is by changing lifestyles.

The steps which have been discussed above, are the ones taken before the child birth. There are important points too which needs mentioning which the child birth takes place.
Thus the steps which have been taken already will be replaced by new precautions and steps which have to be kept in mind when the gestation period is over and when the parents are ready for the arrival of the baby. Apart from selecting the doctor, which has already been done during the first stage of child birth, there are other steps and precautions which have to be taken at child birth, important ones have been discussed further.
The institution where the couple is preparing to be the centre of delivery should be a good one, with no bad record of child births and with all kinds of facilities which are required at and after child birth along with the doctor’s history with child birth (Reuben, 1992).Availability of all kinds of medicines and supplements which would be required at child birth and presence of the family and the important members related to the child and the mother for all other kinds of support which is equally important when it comes to the health and the wellbeing of the child.
Thus secondly it can be said that child mortality can be decreased when proper medications and treatment is provided to the expecting mother at the right time.