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它是一种基于对现代主义文化信念的文化反应的理论。可以说,这一理论是建立在现实基础上的。理查德·布兰森的商业哲学遵循后现代主义理论。这背后的原因是,在high ring流程之后,员工可以做任何他们想做的事情。这一理论取决于不同的个人特点和几个成功领导者的特点。这个理论同时考虑了成功和失败的领导者。(Fleeson & Jayawickreme, 2015.)




理查德•布兰森(Richard Branson)的理论在领导者的素质方面没有给出任何排名。所以员工之间对于什么质量是最重要的,什么不是,有不同的看法。




情境理论主要是建立在企业关系基础上的独特的领导关系风格(Van Wart, 2013)。这是一个非常有效的方法,在危机情况下,领导者如何与员工一起工作,并试图提高员工的绩效质量。在关键时期,理查德·布兰森证明了他的领导方式,并对员工产生了积极的影响。他的管理和领导才能非常强大。

在危机时刻,理查德·布兰森能够用其他方式思考(Northouse, 2012)。他有能力以不同的方式与他的员工一起工作。他能很容易地判断出谁能更好地完成某项工作。他制定了一套特定的规则,以便在组织中更好地工作。理查德·布兰森非常有能力在困难时期做出坚定的决定来激励他的员工。

数学作业代写 :理查德•布兰森的领导风格理论

It is a theory that depends on the cultural reaction to the cultural conviction of modernism. It can be said that this theory depends on the reality. It can be interpreted that Richard Branson’s Business philosophy follows the Postmodernism theory. The reason behind this is that after the high ring process, the employee does whatever they want to do. This theory depends on the different personal traits and the characteristic of several successful leaders. This theory takes into account both successful and unsuccessful leaders. (Fleeson & Jayawickreme, 2015.).
According to him, “whatever your method, you need to believe in yourself” (Branson, 2013). A leader cannot be successful if he works alone. Leaders have to talk with others, and also, a leader has to walk with the other people. If a leader works alone, nobody will respect him. As trait theory suggests, leaders have to work, forexample, then the employee will happily follow them. Hence, it can be interpreted that Richard Branson’s leadership style follows the trait theory. He simply believes in working with other.
Limitation of trait theory and critical analysis of Richard Branson’s trait
There are certain criteria based on which the judgement is done who is a good leader but apart from that, there is some quality that is ignored in this process.
Richard Branson’s does not give any rank in the qualities of a leader. So there are different opinions among the employees about which quality is most important and which is not.
This theory does not depend on the traits and the capabilities of leaders. According to this theory, employee simply follows the leader. According to this theory, lower level employee follows the rules of successful leaders. And after that, they perform their actions.
It can be interpreted that Richard Branson’s leadership style does not follow the Behavioural theory. According to him, “whatever your method, you need to believe in yourself”.
The behavioural theory takes into account both reward and punishment system. This is the main drawback of the Behavioural theory. Richard Branson’s does not give any reward or punishment to his employees.
The situational theory is mainly based on the unique relational style of leadership on the basis of the relationship in the company (Van Wart, 2013). It is a very much effective approach on how the leader works in a crisis situation with their employees and tries to improve the quality of performance of their employee’s. In the critical period of time, Richard Branson proved his leadership approaches and created a positive impact on their employee’s. His managerial and leadership qualities are very powerful.
At the time of crisis, Richard Branson is able to think on other way (Northouse, 2012). He has an ability to work in a different way with his employees. He can easily judge a person who can perform better for a particular work. He sets a particular set of rules to work better in the organization. Richard Branson is very much capable to take firm decision with the treats to motivate his employee in difficult time.