Assignment First

  本篇碩士論文代寫價格-庫存的自我管理讲了爲應付疫症爆發,當局推行了新的存貨管理措施。這些包括可定製的庫存,以滿足季節性需求和不確定性的緩衝。由於樂高在許多國家都有,所以節日季節也各不相同(Muller, 2011)。這種可定製的庫存可以防止產品短缺,並根據評估存儲多餘的產品。這不會讓客戶失望,也會爲生產鋪平道路。不確定性緩衝器在天氣波動或經濟變化期間管理樂高玩具的需求和供應之間的差距。本篇碩士論文代寫價格文章由英國第一论文 Assignment First輔導網整理,供大家參考閱讀。

  1.2 To sustain with the epidemic outbreak, new inventory management practices were introduced. These included customizable inventory to address seasonal demands and buffers for uncertainty. As Lego exist in many countries, the holiday season varies (Muller, 2011). This customizable inventory prevents product shortages and stores excess products based on the estimations. This will not let down the customers and this will also pave way for productivity. The buffers for uncertainty manage the gaps between demand and supply of Lego sets during weather fluctuations or economic changes.

  All these strategies have been followed by Lego itself and also encouraged the outsourcing centers to manage changes with better supply chain networks.

  3.1 Analysis and discussion

  Based on the company practices as listed in the case study and also the commonly seen effective practices as listed in the literature, it is clear that an inventory needs management on regular basis and requires connection with technologies. Efficient manpower is the need of the hour to address the customer concerns as this has been the drawback in the early days and the traditional systems would no longer work because of the economic fluctuations from one country to the other.

  How Lego helps customers manage inventory?

  Self – management of inventory is entirely different from the management by customers. Lego gives the opportunity to customers to store it in limited space. However, it demands sufficient effort from the customer to carry out the ground research on the quality of Lego piece and inventory status. Lego resale market is still open and though the prices may depreciate, it is still worthwhile to replace or give away for money (Ali et al., 2012). This is a way by which Lego helps customers with better access to inventory. Both the storage cost and opportunity cost are well maintained by Lego.

  It is also evident that Lego has outsourced supply chain operations mainly to focus on emergency situations. Still, communication is persistent and this situation calls for immediate repair of the inventory.