Assignment First



With the increased digitization, the past few decades have seen major decline in the readership of the print media. The print media, newspapers, magazines, etc. have been accustomed to make good revenues before the onset of internet. The print media was the only source of marketing and news broadcasting since ages. However, now the tables are turned and the print media is facing great crisis threatening its survival. To sustain and survive the technological revolution, the media companies are increasingly adopting the latest technologies to connect with the readers. The focus of this study is to view the changes and strategies adopted by the print media companies outside Australia. The changes in publishing and the use of advertisements to increase revenues are explored. The purpose of the study this is to help the company’s Australian print media division grow and sustain in the competitive market.

碩士論文代寫價格 :印刷媒體在市場中成長和維持

隨著科技的飛速發展和互聯網的興起,世界範圍內的平面媒體呈現出緩慢的增長態勢。隨著越來越多的人在線閱讀新聞和使用社交媒體平臺,紙質報紙的訂閱量大幅下降。隨著印刷媒體公司的緩慢增長,互聯網也在改變著新聞業的格局。在一個典型的印刷媒體辦公室裏,許多傳統的職位正在被新的職位所取代(Cacciatore et al., 2012)。互聯網的進步是不會逆轉的,因此,為了維持和生存的技術革命,印刷媒體公司必須越來越多地采用最新的技術與讀者聯系。為滿足現代讀者不斷變化的需求,提出創新和前沿技術是當今印刷媒體的唯一出路。

With the extreme technological advancements and onset of internet, the print media is showing a sluggish growth all around the world. With more number of people perusing the news online and using social media platforms, the subscriptions for printed newspapers is drastically reducing. Along with the slow company growth of print media houses, the internet is also changing the scenarios of journalism. Many traditional positions in a typical office of print media are being replaced by new positions (Cacciatore et al., 2012). The internet advancements are not going to go in reverse, therefore to sustain and survive the technological revolution, the print media companies have to increasingly adopt the latest technologies to connect with the readers. Coming up with innovative and cutting edge technologies to meet the changing needs of modern readers is the only way to the print media today.