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投資論文 :哺乳動物大規模滅絕的觀點分析

Hibby gave his own viewpoint in the same analysis. He believes that the giant tortoises which had existed in the Kansas were not able to survive because of the cold temperature of the place. They were not having the physical capacity to survive these situations. In order to excavate and find out the records related to history, the geologist does a lot of research. This includes the in-depth study of organic evolution and the mass extinctions of the mammals.
The process of analysis of the extinctions of animals cast a very dark shadow on the ecological balance of the world. Another important thing to note in the same is that there is an underestimation of the rate of extinctions when human evolution took place in the earth. The extinction of the species after the evolution of humans was never considered to be a very serious affair. Instead, there was more and more killing of animals.
Even in the present times, there are a number of mammals who are on the verge of extinction. It is important that people should understand the importance of these mammals and should look for the methods for their conservation. It is important that they have to preserve the vital practice of killing the mammals.

In the report, the author tries to explain that in the last 50000 years a large number of mammals have been extinct. Among these mammals, around half of the mammals are large. He tries to explain that the extinction of mammals is something which is not recent, but has continued from years. He further explains that the migration of human beings to the new continents and islands, have led to the killing of a large number of mammals and birds. The author tries to create an appeal among the viewers by explaining the reasons for the extinction of mammals over time. He has tried to create a generic interest among the readers with his style and approach. He initially introduced by giving the minute details about the extinction of animals and tried to build the concept related to overkill. But, what he lacked was that he failed to make it more appealing, interesting and innovative. At many times he failed to keep interest in the eyes of readers. The journey of extinction of mammals could have been made quite interesting and appealing. The scope of the argument is limited to the extinction of mammals. Different perspective related to the same has been explained. The article is not very confusing and the idea has been explained in a clear manner, by creating a number of valid points and logical reasons. The relevance of the article is very important. This article is important as it discusses the valid points related to the existence of human beings.