新西兰代写essay 1-9



Management Development is no doubt a myriad task. There are countless techniques only some of which have been summarized and analyzed in this report. In practice, a practitioner will have to analyze the needs of his organization greatly in order to prescribe one type of management development tool. Whatever the tool chosen, the importance of management development cannot be undermined. Some people think that management is something that is only learned by practice and no text book or training can impart management education. However this is not true as one can actually learn to be a good manager. Management as pointed out early in the report is a set of skills like communication and teamwork that even though many people have a knack for, can only be learned if provided enough stimulation. All these tools are very important for any manager who has to face great challenges for his organization on a daily basis.

Even if a manager has a degree from the best business school, he still cannot think that he has all the knowledge and skills that are needed to become a good manager. This is because the world of business is changing on a rapid basis and people are confronted with new kinds of situations on a daily basis. New kinds of knowledge is emerging every day and one needs new kinds of skills every day in order to tackle those challenges. Thus continuing management education is a must. This is just like how breakthroughs made in medicine everyday require that doctors keep themselves abreast of them through the giving of exams and like how the changing laws mean that lawyers have to keep themselves updated of any laws (Billsberry 2000).

Not only is new knowledge emerging everyday but the skillsets managers have to acquire are also growing. These days managers have to make sure that they know how to blog, how to write, thus must know multiple languages and they must have negotiation skills. So these are just a few of the skills that are needed to become a successful manager today and without management development, a business school graduate who graduated 20 years ago will not know these.