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考虑到PPACA关于扩大覆盖范围的规定,正在审议的文章提出了对初级保健利用预期增长的状况估计。由于健康保险的上升趋势,要应对如此大量的初级卫生保健基础设施有限的患者,已变得困难重重。 “病人保护和经济适用法”(PPACA)主要为所有收入低于联邦贫困线(FPL)133%的美国家庭提供帮助。那些没有保险,收入相对较低的美国公民可以通过提供有资助的医疗保健设施来减轻负担,而不会要求雇主承保超额保险。由于这些规定,他们现在可以在新的交易所购买健康保险。



Many promises and perils are associated with the patient protection and Affordable Act of 2010. This act is perceived to be able enough to restructure health care delivery system of United States.  This act is aimed to establish a sound primary health care system by expanding primary care workforce. In order to deal with the skewed resource based on the relative value scale, a major breakthrough was brought in the market in the form of a substantial and considerable increase of 10% in the payments of health care physicians (Quadagno, 2011).

The article under consideration put forwards state-level estimates of the anticipated increases in primary care utilization, given the PPACA’s provisions for expanded coverage. Due to rising trend of health insurance it has become difficult to deal with such a larger influx of patients with limited primary health care infrastructure. The Patient Protection and Affordable Act (PPACA) mainly provide help to all the US families having income less than 133% of federal poverty level (FPL). Those citizens of United States who are uninsured and have relatively lower earnings are eased by providing subsidized health care facilities without demanding an excess to employer based coverage.  Due to these provisions they are now able to purchase health insurance in new exchanges.

Primary care physicians are the basis of health care delivery system and a point of entry too. It is not possible to maintain the health standards of public without investing in the department of primary health care. Pressure of population in United States is increasing day by day and there also occur some events which are totally unanticipated in nature. Therefore, in order to meet the required requirements, it is essential to increase the supply of primary physician. In addition to these natural reasons of increased pressure on health department the demand is also rising due to expansion of coverage provided by government of United States to general public.