Assignment First


根据五大模型,有五个维度的基础上可以定义人格和个体差异可以得到认可。这五个维度是开放性,责任心,最终神经质、外向性和宜人性(Kalshoven等,2011)。多年来,很多研究已经开展了关于这个定义有一些特定类型的人格类型,连接最成功的机会在专业前然后别人。为主,有一件事最重要的是获得成功所需要的高质量的性能是责任心。此外,还有其他维度也喜欢随和也很适合有效的团队合作和外向性是完美的有效领导的组织(van der等,2010)。





According to the big five model, there are five dimensions on the basis of which a personality can be defined and individual difference can be recognised. These five dimensions are openness, conscientiousness, neuroticism, extraversion and in the end agreeableness (Kalshoven et al, 2011). Over the years, so many researches have been conducted on this which defines that there are some specific types of personality type which connect most with the chances to succeed in professional front then others. Primarily, one thing which is most importantly required to achieve success in high quality performance is conscientiousness.  Moreover, there are other dimensions also like agreeableness which is perfect for the effective teamwork and also extraversion is perfect for the effective leadership in the organisation (van der et al,2010).

Therefore, many researches proved that for successful career, it is important to imbibe these three traits of personality.

The results after taking the test shows that my personality lacks in dimensions like neuroticism, openness and extraversion. However, my personality is high agreeableness and conscientiousness. This test shows that I need to work on my extraversion skills which means I need to work on my leadership skills, at the same time I am good in team work and stay conscientious in my work, which is good for professional growth (DeYoung et al, 2010). I am regarded as a highly cooperative and social individual, but I sometimes become too soft while dealing with people and do not confront them whenever it is required (Perry& Sibley, 2012). This can prove to be detrimental for my career as people will take me too soft and can take me for granted. I am also considered to be shy and too helpful by the colleagues on which I need to work upon.

The profile reveals my strength and weaknesses and the area on which I need to take an immediate action. Since my goal is to become a manager in human resource, it is important for me to work on the leadership skills and be more patient with people (Maples et al,2014).