Assignment First

  本篇学术论文代写-电子眩晕装置讲了在嫌疑人有耐药性的情况下使用CED的可能性也取决于个人的健康。例如,如果一个嫌疑人在反抗,不愿意做志愿者,这并不意味着这个人就是嫌疑人。在许多情况下,人们害怕警察,不愿意当志愿者。那个时候一个人的心率已经非常快了,如果在那种情况下使用电击枪,就很容易杀死一个人。与CED相关的个体的死亡通常通过涉及多个CED激活来完成。这意味着同时使用多个CED会造成严重的损害。本篇学术论文代写文章由英国第一论文 Assignment First辅导网整理,供大家参考阅读。

  CED has been taken over by other weapons and findings have suggested that CED has been causing physical and mental injuries. It has been highlighted in various studies that CED can be used for other harmful purposes by the local citizens. Law enforcement agencies have to look at this issue and manage the training and monitoring of these devices. Once these devices are in the market, they should be controlled over who is buying these devices. Policies like after knowing that this is the suspect for sure by determining all possible evidence against the suspect CED should be used. Training for the officers is required in this segment where they can look at the age, size, sex and physical health of the individual and then use appropriate weapon. CED should be avoided in the presence of liquids that are flammable because that can cause a bomb blast taking many lives. Policies and training methods for addressing the controlling of the suspects should be introduced. Handcuffs should be used in the normal situations and the use of stun gun devices should be avoided (Hess, et al. 2014).

  The possibility of the CED to be used in the cases where there is resistance from the suspect is also subject to the health of the individual. For example, if a suspect is resisting and not willing to volunteer, it does not mean that the individual is suspect. In many cases people fear from police and are not willing to volunteer. At that time the heart rate of an individual is already very fast and if stun gun device is used in that situation it can easily take the life of an individual. Deaths of the individuals associated with the CED are often conducted by involving multiple CED activations. This means that more than one CED is used at the same time that is causing serious damage. Only 3 to 5 seconds shock should be given to the suspect (in the case of urgent necessity and if the suspect is posing a serious harm to other individuals). Policies used for CED need to access the resistance towards the CED and reasons behind this resistance (Cordesman, 2001).


  The discussion had given some serious evidence about the threats of electronic stun guns. These evidences have rejected the claims from the public health safety associations and police department. Electronic stun devices are very sensitive in the case of their serious damage to the live of an individual. Police departments need to conduct proper training sessions for the use of this device. This device should only be used in serious and dangerous cases. Hand cuffs are a good option for capturing the suspect. It is not necessary that the police uses electronic stun device on every individual or suspect. Studies have proved that electronic stun device can shrink the muscles of the heart and in some cases it can also take the life of an individual. Evidence has proven that people have lost their lives after the device was used on their chest. Heart attack, heart failure and heart arrest are also conducted by this device. It is suggested not to use these lethal weapons (weapons that are lethal but are given the title of non lethal weapons).