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A.G.巴尔Plc。是一个苏格兰软饮料制造公司,在伦敦股票交易所上市。公司在本文有时被称为A.G.巴尔为了方便。由罗伯特·巴尔成立于1876年,总部在Cumbernauld。这里可以行每年可以产生6.9亿罐。该公司通常被称为巴尔。公司以其IRN-BRU超过一个世纪。它有一个巨大的市场在英国。A.G.巴尔公司的其他品牌。包括KA,卢比孔河,巴尔,简单,圣克莱门茨findlay,方丈,太阳异国情调,Strathmore水,D ‘ n ‘ b和Tizer(A.G.巴尔Plc。,2014)。他们的品牌是两家合作,明星和斯奈普(A.G.巴尔Plc。年度报告,2014)。



This dissertation is written as part of Master’s degree. The objectives of this dissertation are to evaluate the share price of A.G. Barr Plc. and make a forecast based on the annual reports of last five years. It is also aimed to make recommendations to current and prospective investors whether to buy, hold or sell the shares of the company.

This dissertation consists of total seven chapters. The first chapter begins with the objectives of the dissertation and consists of the structure of dissertation, company overview and limitations of analysis.  Chapter 2 describes the outlook of economy and its implications for A.G. Barr Plc., chapter 3 states the structure and outlook for the industry, chapter 4 examines the existing literature on the topic i.e. the capital structure of the company, chapter 5 indicates the analysis of A.G. Barr Plc. with the help of ratios and SWOT, chapter 6 discusses the valuation of company shares using various available models such as Dividend Discount Model, and sensitivity analysis, and chapter 7 contains the conclusions and recommendations.

A.G. Barr Plc. is a Scottish soft drink manufacturing company that is listed on the London stock exchange. The Company in this dissertation is sometimes referred as A.G. Barr for the sake of convenience. It was founded by Robert Barr in 1876 and headquartered at Cumbernauld. The can line here can produce 690 million cans per year. The company is commonly known as Barr’s. The company is renowned for its IRN-BRU for more than a century. It has a huge market throughout the UK. Other brands of A.G. Barr Plc. include KA, Rubicon, Barr, Simply, St Clements, Findlays, Abbot’s, Sun exotic, Strathmore Water, D‘N’B and Tizer (A.G. Barr Plc., 2014). Their partnership brands are Orangina, Rockstar and Snapple (A.G. Barr Plc. Annual Report, 2014).

The popular brand of A. G. Barr – IRN-BRU is famous in Scotland and the bestselling drink there after scotch.  The company has constantly growing year by year with their three vital channels that distribute soft drinks in the UK. These include take home category that contains several grocers, impulse that consists of newsagents, corner shops etc. and premise that has hotels, pubs, cafes, restaurants, clubs etc. (A.G. Barr Plc. (a), 2014).