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员工推荐(Employee reference, ER)是根据个人的潜力和表现从管理和组织中招聘和释放个人的过程。这篇文章将聚焦于两种不同的方法,组织可以用来招募候选人。本文还将讨论在选择过程中可能出现的两种不同的潜在错误。本文将通过对员工引用的个体差异做一个简要的总结来结束。

第二个错误可能是缺乏关于工作要求和条件的适当信息。准确地分析满足组织目标所需的角色、职责和职责是非常重要的。每个职位都对组织的使命和愿景做出贡献。捕捉该职位的关键要求,并以有助于适当招聘和培训的方式表达出来,这是至关重要的(Carter, 2015)。除了创建一个合适的职位描述,对候选人进行适当的预筛选也很重要。预筛选的第一阶段通常是通过电话面试来完成的。在这个过程中,没有捕捉到热情、语调、声音和回应,或者候选人有时会在选择候选人时产生错误。此外,面试官和招聘经理有时会忙于他们的日常安排,从而阻碍了面试进程。他们没有向候选人提出足够的问题来判断候选人的能力、技能和能力。在分段过程中,缺乏准备会导致对人格和智力的评估失败。忽视该职位所需要的适当规范会使面试官面临被淘汰的危险。这使得情况很难选择最好的候选人,因为面试官没有对候选人进行评估,从而得出拒绝有才华的候选人的结论(Bach and Edwards, 2013)。


英国毕业论文导师 :内部招聘可能出现的潜在错误

Employee referencing (ER) is the process of recruiting and releasing of individuals from management and organisation based on their potential and performance. This essay would focus on two different methods that organisations can utilise to recruit the candidates. This essay would also discuss two different potential errors that can occur in the selection process. The essay will be concluded by giving a brief summary about the individual differences in employee referencing.
Second error can be lack of proper information about the job requirement and conditions. It is very important to accurately analyse the roles, duties and responsibilities needed to meet the organisational goals. Every position contributes to the mission and vision of the organisation. It is essential to capture the key requirements of the position and express them in a way that can help in proper recruitment and training (Carter, 2015). Apart from creating a proper job description, it is also important to properly pre-screen the candidates. The first stage of pre-screening is generally done by conducting telephonic round of interview. During this process, failing to capture the enthusiasm, tone and voice and responses or the candidates sometimes creates error in selecting the candidate. Furthermore, interviewer and hiring managers sometimes get so busy with their daily schedule that hampers the interview process. They fail to ask sufficient questions to the candidates to judge the capability, skills and ability of the candidate. Lack of preparation can lead to failure of evaluation of personality and intelligence in the section process. Ignoring the proper specifications needed for the position puts the interviewer under the danger of selection process. This makes the situation difficult to select the best candidate as the interviewer fails to evaluate the candidate and jump to the conclusion of rejecting the talented candidate (Bach and Edwards, 2013).
This essay discusses the terms recruitment and selection, and identifies that there are two methods, namely the internal and external methods to recruit a suitable candidate. The internal recruitment is the process of hiring from current employees and external recruiting is all about hiring candidates outside the company. The essay has also identified two errors, namely halo/horn effect and ignored specifications and conditions of a job, which can affect the selection of a suitable candidate.