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英国毕业论文格式 :研究的数据收集和分析工具


新媒体技术在信息的分布式力量之间提供了一种独特的平衡,这种平衡是通过在同行之间共同建立内容的来源实现的,而自由是共享的(Waters et al., 2010)。有必要进一步研究社交媒体对民主的可持续性所起的作用。此外,还需要对社交媒体对民意支持、民意调查、公共关系和广告的影响进行研究。可以促进社会媒体来源的审议,同时促进社会政治环境的行动。

英国毕业论文格式 :研究的数据收集和分析工具

The instrument that will be used for this research is the questionnaire. Questionnaire is a tool used for collection of data by using several questions for the achievement of research objectives. It can be used for ascertaining practices, ideas, attitudes, beliefs, opinions, facts and other demographic data. For the purpose of this research, there will be thorough scrutiny of the questionnaire by the supervisor for ensuring the comprehension, unambiguity, relevance and clarity of key outcomes. There will be generation of data for the research by utilizing questionnaire under face to face administration of the respondents. There will be analysis of data by the use of chi-square statistical analysis, simple descriptive data analysis, percentages, and frequency tables.

英国毕业论文格式 :研究的数据收集和分析工具

Chi-square is a non- parametric tool of statistics which can be utilized with convenience in answering the research question while ensuring to deal with the data contended. However, it is well acknowledged that out of the 150 journalists selected for the survey, only 75 per cent to 80 per cent of the respondents will respond to the questionnaire, providing significant scope of effectiveness.
Technologies of new media have been providing a unique balance between the distributed powers of information by the sources of co-establishing content among the peers while liberty is shared (Waters et al., 2010). There is a need for further carrying research on the role played by social media for the sustainability of democracy. There is also a need for conducting research on the impact of social media across opinion sustenance, public opinion poll, public relations and advertising. There can be facilitation of deliberations by the sources of social media while spurring the actions of socio-political environment.