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英国毕业论文挂了怎么办 :有关整形手术的辩论分析



英国毕业论文挂了怎么办 :有关整形手术的辩论分析

People are very obsessed about their beauty and presentation to the society. Plastic surgery is one such concept that was initially used by actors in media to create the required beauty to fit into the role. This reconstructive surgery has then become extremely popular so that larger portion of people is interested to give a retouch to their looks. While it is extremely bad for health, it is also one’s own choice to decide on their beauty and it is their investment to refine their looks. Hence, this point should not debate as there is no specific judgment to people.
Plastic surgery is not a recommendable practice as it gives artificial outlook that fades at any point in one’s life.
It is one’s own interest and right to decide on their beauty and it cannot be commented by third parties.

英国毕业论文挂了怎么办 :有关整形手术的辩论分析

With respect to the discussions made above, plastic surgery is an artificial procedure followed by people to correct or fix a specific part of a body due to different reasons. The craze on media is one reason that has encouraged young ones to save or even steal money to do plastic surgery. Hard earned money of parents is used for different purpose which is truly condemnable. On the other hand, anti thesis also insists that it is one’s own right to choose their personal outlook. For instance, some might feel that beauty is the factor that instills confidence, self esteem and success in one’s life (Fraser, 2003). These are helpless situations where surgery becomes the only option. It does consume adequate time to ignite the minds of people about ill effects of plastic surgery and importance of natural procedures. Indeed, gender change does not require immediate change in looks as it would happen as per the natural cycle for humans.
Viewing the case of plastic surgery and choice of people towards this procedure, it is clear that the society is travelling towards a negative minded one. Artificial looks, illegal procedures, wastage of money are the real aspects that show our lack of realization and differentiation between right and wrong. Choosing these procedures seem to be against nature and it can cause side effects such as cancer that can never be cured. It is appreciable to support and follow natural and safe procedures that can not only enrich beauty but also is legal and worth to think and use.