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有无数的调查和研究表明,全球变暖的原因是人类活动。此外,意识到这一事实的人包括更密切地支持旨在遏制温室气体排放的政府政策。这一点在最近发表在《气候变化杂志》(journal of Climate Change)上的一篇文章中很明显。人们会对专家们的判断有所保留,但在有关全球变暖的问题上,他们与气候科学家的意见是一致的。2012年,美国皮尤研究中心(Pew Research Center)进行的一项民意调查显示,半数美国民众认为,全球变暖加剧的原因是人类的行为。因此,在努力达到“平衡”的过程中,媒体人对真实情况产生了不平衡的洞察。因此,人们认为科学家不同意人们的看法,因此,没有提供足够的公众支持来解决这个问题。



英国毕业论文会挂吗 :全球变暖的原因

There are myriad surveys and researches been conducted which consider the reason for increasing global warming is the activities performed by the humans. In addition, the people who are aware of this fact involve more closely supporting the government policies dedicated to curbing the greenhouse gas emanation. This was evident in the recent article issued in the journal of Climate Change. The people will defer from the judgments passed by the experts but are in general agreement with the climate scientists on the matters concerning global warming. A poll conducted in the year 2012, on the US Pew Research Center depicted that the half of the populace of the America believed that the reasons for increasing global warming was due to the actions performed by the humans. Therefore, in the efforts to attain a “balance” the media people created an unbalanced insight of the real situation. Consequently, people are of the belief that the scientists are not in agreement with what people believe and hence, the adequate public support is not provided to solve the problem.
Adapting to and coping with the climatic conditions is a consistent and dynamic process. There are people who deny their contribution in worsening the climatic conditions and fortunately, there is no evidence ever printed in the past scientific literature to support this statement. Another important point to be considered is that when it is accepted that humans are responsible for global warming, it is also true that global warming is taking place. The global warming is the result of heightening effect of the greenhouse emanations and this rate keeps on increasing. Thus, as 97% of the peer reviewed papers agree to the human induced global warming, the actual acceleration of global warming is not curbed and needs an immediate action.
After considering the above consensus and published material in the scientific literature, it is all the more significant for the humans to realize the roles and responsibilities they have towards enhancing the quality of air we breathe. The kinds of pollution which are instigated by man are air pollution, water pollution, noise pollution and these all contributing to global warming. The increasing of the global warming is causing deteriorating impacts on the people and hence, depleting the resources for the future generations. The natural resources and reserves are diminishing in quality and quantity as they are trying to meet the current challenges of the human induced pollution and threat to the environment. The myriad references in the academic literature do suggest the increasing rate of the global warming cause due to activities performed by humans but there has still not been any constructive action taken to curb the increasing rate. Though there have been initiatives taken by the government in the recent past, the lack of awareness and reluctant attitude of the people has led to not much support from the public and hence, not much has been done for bettering the situation.