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墙壁和天花板是如此的制作,以至于不需要内部照明。这座建筑以道格拉斯·杰罗德(Douglas Jerrold)的名字命名。1850年,杰罗德在《Punch》杂志上发表了一篇关于即将到来的展览的讽刺文章,文中提到了一座由类似水晶的东西组成的宫殿(Purbrick, 2008)。展览结束后,该建筑在伦敦西德纳姆山旁的彭格山顶以放大的形式重建。从1854年到1936年被大火烧毁,这座建筑一直矗立在那里。花园宫殿是水晶宫的重建,于1879年在澳大利亚悉尼建成,但被大火烧毁(Mayhew, 2010)。帕克斯顿的模块化层次设计是其现实光辉的象征。作为一名设计师,帕克斯顿运用了突破性的技术,提供了其他传统建筑无法比拟的优势。最重要的是,它是英国创新和工业实力的代表,通过伟大的展览(Purbrick, 2008;梅休,2010)。建筑的形状和大小直接取决于制造商斯梅斯威克的Chance Brothers提供的玻璃板的大小。最大的一块大约有10英寸宽,49英寸长。由于整个建筑都是用这些玻璃板建造的,这意味着外部表面被数百万块相同的玻璃板覆盖,从而从根本上降低了生产成本和安装所需的时间(Mayhew, 2010)。

最初的水晶宫是一个有着长方形屋顶的巨大建筑。它在主楼旁边有一个开放的画廊,两侧的两翼都得到了扩展。展览的主厅有两层楼高,上层从边界进入(Mayhew, 2010)。除了中心部分外,建筑的大部分都是平屋顶,中心部分被一个72英尺宽的桶形拱顶所覆盖,拱顶高约168英尺(Purbrick, 2008)。该结构采用三角形棱镜的形式,光线充足,强度高,可以用最少的材料制成。因此,这幢建筑吸引了大量的旁观者,英国人为1851年世博会建造了如此宏伟的建筑结构而感到自豪,这本身标志着英国作为世界上先进的工业化国家的崛起(Mayhew, 2010)。

英国毕业论文 :水晶宫及其建筑

The walls and ceiling were so made that there was no need for internal lighting. The building was named after Douglas Jerrold in the year 1850 wrote in Punch, the spoof magazine about the upcoming exhibition and gave reference of a palace made up of something which looks like crystal (Purbrick, 2008). After the exhibition was over, the building was rebuilt on top of Penge Peak next to Sydenham Hill, London in an enlarged format. The structure stood there from the year 1854 till was destroyed by fire in the year 1936. The Garden Palace, a restructure of the Crystal Palace had been built in the year 1879 in Sydney, Australia but was destroy by fire (Mayhew, 2010). The modular hierarchical design of Paxton was the symbol of realistic brilliance. As a designer Paxton used techniques that were breakthrough, offered advantages practically that no other conventional building could match. Above all, it was the representation of innovation and industrial strength of Britain represented via The Great Exhibition (Purbrick, 2008; Mayhew, 2010). The shape and size of the building was directly based upon the size of the glass panes supplied by the manufacturer, Chance Brothers of Smethwick. The largest piece measured around 10 inches in width and 49 inches in length. Since the entire building was build with these glass panes, it means that the outer surface was glazed by millions of such identical glass panes, thus radically reduced the cost of production and time required to install them (Mayhew, 2010).
The original Crystal Palace was a massive structure having rectangular roof. It housed an open gallery alongside the main and on either side wings got extended. The main hall for exhibition was two stories high and the upper floor stride in from the border (Mayhew, 2010). Major portion of the building has flat roof except the central portion, which was covered by a wide barrel-vaulted shaped roof of 72 feet and at the top of the arch was around 168 feet high (Purbrick, 2008). The structure took the format of a triangular prism, which was highly lighted and strong and could be made with least quantity of materials. Thus, the building was a huge attraction among the onlookers and the British took pride in having constructed such a magnificent building structure for the Great Exhibition of 1851, which itself marked the rise of Britain as a superior industrialized nation in the world (Mayhew, 2010).