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分部财务报告在IFRS 8应该注意到数据和措施,政府认为是重要的,用于使重要的结论。它还必须提供一个更好的财务报表之间的联系和管理评论中提到的数据如金融评论和操作审核或管理谈话和检查。美国会计标准结合IFRS与美国131年对部分企业和相关信息的披露”。这份报告解释的主要必需品巴宝莉的标准和一些现实的问题相信当它应用于报告公司的初始时间。

我们考虑升级的IFRS 8带来了企业自2009年的验收。此外,我们提供了一个分析最引人注目的文学有关部门披露问题和我们提供实证理论关于代理确定的元素分部财务报告的公司。最终,我们执行一个评价,我们将努力探索在IFRS的分部财务报告的影响公司的符合新政策。我们认为推荐的研究将揭示IFRS的新执行准则的有效性。这硕士论文的目的是扩大对披露的现有文献探讨节段分析实践的公司。

公司财务报告的是一丝不苟的。信息披露给出精确的细节在公司的效率和生成客户进入一个理性的金融管理任务。经济质量升级以及量子reportingassists金融家评估一个公司更重要,减少敏感性(nas K的威胁。,1998)。众多研究已经深入金融信息披露之间的关系和组织的融资费用。Verrecchia r(2001)所述两种方法更好的报告能降低资本成本。最初,它可以减少不好的选择的问题。增加的数量和质量报告发布到市场上最大限度地减少政府的能力来操纵没有察觉的金融家。其次,增强财务信息披露可能最小化估计的威胁。


Segment reporting beneath IFRS 8 is supposed to draw attention to the data and measures that administration thinks are significant and are utilized for making important conclusion. It must also offer a better link among the financial statements and the data mentioned in administration comments such as the Financial Review and Operating review or Management conversation and examination. The standard combines IFRS along with the US Accounting SFAS 131 ‘Disclosure about Segments of an Enterprise and Related Information’. This report explains the key necessities of the standard and some realistic issues for Burberry to believe when it is applied in the reporting of the company for the initial time.

We contemplate on the upgrades that the IFRS 8 has brought for firms since its obligatory acceptance in 2009. Moreover, we provide an analysis of the most noteworthy literature pertaining to segment disclosure issues and we offer the empirical theories concerning the proxies for determining the elements of segment reporting for a company. Ultimately, we perform an evaluation, throughout which we will try to explore the influence of IFRS on the segment reporting of the firms’ conformity with the new policy. We deem the recommended research will reveal the usefulness of the newly enforced guidelines of IFRS. The objective of this master dissertation is to expand the existing literature on disclosure by exploring segmental analysis practices of the firm.

Financial reporting by a company is meticulous. The disclosure is to give precise details on the efficiency of the company and to generate the customers into a rational financial managerial task. The upgrade in quality as well as quantum of economic reportingassists the financiers to assess a company much more significant and lessen the threat sensitivity (Naser K., 1998). Numerous research studies have located a relationship between the in-depth financial disclosures and the organization’s expense of funding. Verrecchia R. (2001) stated two approaches in which better reporting could decrease cost of capital. Initially, it could minimize the issue of bad choice.Boosting the quantity and quality of reporting released to the marketplace minimizes administration’s capability to manipulate unknowing financiers. Secondly, enhanced financial disclosures could minimize estimate threat.