Assignment First

  本篇英国传播学论文代写-业务计算的案例研究讲了项目的分析讨论了课程、每周的课程数量、每节课的成本和班级的出勤率。班级策略有不同的划分,包括不同年龄段的人。它们的名字可以分为企鹅、海星、蝌蚪、海龟、青蛙、海马、黄貂鱼、海豹和海豚。这些是游泳运动员根据年龄进入的课程,费用取决于课程的数量和游泳术语(Filby et al., 2017)。进一步添加到讲师费率中的课程详细信息显示了课程费率结构的总体描述。本篇英国传播学论文代写由英国第一论文 Assignment First辅导网整理,供大家参考阅读。

  Melbourne is rich in developing swimmers of which Porpoise Swim School is the one. It is the place where the swimmers are trained in a better quality with reasonable costing and a good number of class schedules. The owner of the swim school enjoys her work to a great extent and she has made variations for every age of people coming for learning swimming. The divisions she has made for the classes itself show the attraction level of the school where people would find it interesting to join and learn swimming thereafter.

  Results of the analysis

  The analysis of the project discusses over the classes, the number of classes per week, cost per class and the class level attendance. There have been different divisions for the class strategies which include various people of different age group. The names can be analysed as Penguin, Starfish, Tadpole, Turtle, Frog, Seahorse, Stingray, Seal and Dolphin. These are the classes that the swimmers are admitted according to their ages and the costing depends on the number of classes and swimming terms (Filby et al., 2017). The class details further added to the instructor rates show the total rate description of the class fees structure. The booking for the swimming classes requires the early payment. This includes the benefit level by having discounts on the payment structure if one books the classes previously before the beginning of the class terms in the whole amount. The fees can be divided in the instalment positioning. It can be quarterly paid with no discounts initially. In the earlier days, the owner herself was not sure of the budget because it was all behind it, but now it has increased to give the more of satisfaction and gaining profit out of her institution requiring students as well as money. Counting on the number of classes, the owner has sectioned two more classes for the Saturday mornings and the alignment of the new classes has been made with more facilities in such a way that it becomes attracting for the people to join the school for more of the benefits with the health issues. This really has made the business come to limelight with the change in the schedules and it already has started earning more in the business with much of profitability with new joining (Lynch, 2014).