Assignment First

  本篇英国传媒学论文代写-产品的创新讲了产品创新是一种新产品的开发,它与现有产品的设计有很大的不同。在设计中使用了嵌入的新材料或组件,每个公司都有不同的方法来创建新产品(Grupp和Maital, 2001)。对于那些正在寻找扩大消费基础的公司来说,产品创新是必不可少的过程。

  The marketing segmentation for the product is the families and professionals. The product is more of a tool that is sold to the consumers to meet their specific needs (Colonand and Greenwald, 2015). These could be used by anyone and they would define the program requirements. The product was originally sold to enhance the functionalities of the prime consumers. However, the company expanded its sales to the different markets. It was assumed that the Prime member would be the early adopters to this product (Billies, 2016. b). They had membership from Amazon and already a consumer base that trusted the company. The company launched a product and understood the consumer acceptance of the product. Initially the pundits were not satisfied with the overall aesthetic look of the product. They wanted a product that the people will like. This is essentially a platform based on which the product will be developed. In this analysis, the case study of Amazon Company is used. The different stages of product innovation have been probed in the following


  Product innovation is the development of a new product that has a sharp difference in the design of established products. There is the use of newer materials or components that are embedded in the design and there are different ways that each individual company uses to create a newer product (Grupp and Maital, 2001). Product innovations are imperative processes for the companies that are looking for ways to expand their consumer base. In the current times, people are inundated with products from different nations. To ensure that the niche consumer base is maintained, the companies need to find ways to ensure that the people are provided with newer innovative services (Eppinger and Ulrich, 2015). The product innovation of a company can be further divided into radical innovation and incremental innovation. Companies use these models of product innovation to expand the markets or provided innovative services for the current consumer base. As stated earlier each company has its own niche requirements. They need to be analysed on a case-by case basis with reference to the existing theoretical framework to understand the nuances of the process (Dong and Whitney 2001).