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  本篇英国传媒学论文代写-适用会计软件类别讲了B面包房需要一个会计信息系统,愿意投资一些会计软件的原因。会计软件的适当类别应符合下列业务要求:增强的账户;整合每一个会计系统和业务流程,以改进决策;投资某些会计软件,并根据业务流程进行定制;为企业组织实施AIS和ERP。本篇英国传媒学论文代写文章由英国第一论文 Assignment First辅导网整理,供大家参考阅读。

  Suitable Accounting Software Category

  B Bakery is in need of an accounting information system with the willingness of investing in some accounting software for the cause. The suitable category of accounting software should fulfil the following requirements of business:

  Enhancement of accounts

  Integration of every accounting system and business process for improved decision making

  Investment in certain accounting software along with its customization as per the business process

  Implementation of AIS and ERP for the business organization

  ERP is useful for the integration of business processes and provision of an improved platform for accounting information system. As per the specific identification of requirements, three software categories selected are entry level solutions (Microsoft Dynamics), SME business solutions (SAP Business ByDesign) and enterprise accounting software (SAGE 100 ERP). Enterprise accounting software (SAGE 100 ERP) has been selected for the purpose. SAGE 100 ERP includes a number of variations related to the AIS software. It is helpful in supporting a number of 50 active users for a number of financial and accounting activities, CRM services, distribution and manufacturing, web services, HR and business intelligence (Hecker et al., 2010). The selection of this software will allow addition of fields defined by user and rules of business for the performance of certain tasks. However, the scope of customization will be costly and require up gradation with the possibility of personalizing workflows on the basis of different categories of users to enhance clarity.


  The software selected is enterprise accounting software from the vendor of SAGE 100 ERP. These solutions are selected as they can be customized on the basis of various business processes providing more flexibility, stability and high modularization. It is supportive to create bill of materials, create several financial reports from templates available and record historical budget without any constraints and restrictions. This will hold the requirement of backend database based on Microsoft SQL and Microsoft Windows environment. Its implementation will take place on the basis of online platform or client server (Rani et al., 2014). There is support on the basis of wizard to set up and utilize the software. This will be integrated seamlessly across the software modules with easier understanding and eased utilization. There are robust attributes for maximizing the ROI of the organizations while building presentations and reports. The module of business intelligence is helpful for improving the process of decision making.