Assignment First



最具爭議的廣告是《卡爾二世》(Carl Jr.),片中裸體的夏洛特·麥金尼(Charlotte McKinney)拿著兩個蘋果(Entis)。這則廣告是關於一個漢堡包的,但無論如何,它與所展示的產品並不相符。該公司只對他們的銷售增長感興趣,而對收到的性別歧視投訴不感興趣。在一項調查中,有超過50%的人對這則廣告感到不安,但該公司的工作已經完成,銷售額在不斷增長。這則廣告是通過性來表達一種訴求的使用,使品牌與人的內在欲望相關聯,從而做出購買的決定。因此,廣告作為資本主義的基礎,只關註利潤的產生,在這個過程中改變了觀眾的社會價值觀,而沒有註意到長期對人們造成的無形損害。

英國大學 :有關廣告的不良影響分析

Advertising is used as a means of capitalistic companies and it does a nice job of enhancing sales and creating a false demand through various attractive appeals. This process damages the concept of satisfaction in people and tries to make them an always unsatisfied and seeking community. Advertising is changed the social values and is damaging the meaning attached with product and its utility. Besides, the advertising industry is colonising the viewers into moving their social loyalties and changing their culture by using appealing advertisements. This creates a lot of damage in the habitual patterns developed among the viewers and does more harm than good. This is because there is not a single advert which has proven that the purchaser will be better off with the product than without it. All adverts are mere propaganda to sell their products and using emotional appeal which traps the viewers into buying the product (Friedman, Lewis and Fireworker).

Most controversial ad was the Carl Jr. which featured naked Charlotte McKinney with two apples (Entis). The ad was about a burger but anyhow did not match the product with what was shown. The company was merely interested in their sales going up and did not bother about the sexism complaints received. The ad was more disturbing to more than 50% of people in a survey, but the company’s job had been done, there sales were up and growing. This ad indicates the use of an appeal through sex and makes the brand associate with the innate desires of people and makes a purchasing decision. Thus, the advertising is focused only on profit generation as is the basis of capitalism, and in the process changing the social values of the viewers without paying attention to the intangible damage on people over a long period.