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英国代写 :澳洲航空技术因素的讨论分析


在目前的航班中,经济舱和高级经济舱都不适合乘客。澳洲航空(Qantas)和Cathey Pacific等公司以同样的成本提供更好的服务。因此,公司应该改进其技术,以满足日益增长的需求。

英国代写 :澳洲航空技术因素的讨论分析

The adoption of technology is dependent on the consumer willingness to pay for a particular service. There is constant pressure in the industry to upgrade the operations to pay for the international tourists. Significant amount of resources is needed to automate the service and invest in more funds. For example, they do not charge extra for the domestic credit cards used. They do have an option for the consumers to pay cash. They currently charge a surcharge for the international credit cards. This New Zealand air has been able to meet the consumer demands in the current environment (Colvile, 2016). However, they need to plan for the future given the fact that there could be more competition from international airlines. Air New Zealand crews are often not organized. This leads to the company to cause delays in their services. Given the intense competition in the global arena, the company should be able to change its practices.

英国代写 :澳洲航空技术因素的讨论分析

Infrastructural development is an important factor that the company should address. There has been a rise in the air accidents owing to using older infrastructure. The company should devise ways to address these issues. There is also a rising terrorist threat that the company should be able to foster innovative security measures without alienating the people or exclusion of people. There should be better innovative security measures to ensure that the current consumers are not put off by these security measures.
In the current flights, the economy and the premium economy are not comfortable for the passengers. Companies such as Qantas and Cathey Pacific provide better services for the same costs. Hence the company should revamp its technology in order to meet the rising demands.