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Of the most important hurdles that a Travel and Tourism business will come to face is the prospect of good hospitality management (Benson, Bugnitz and Walton, 2004). Being able to provide good living conditions in some of the most barren areas on the planet is not out of the book in this line of work (Pizam, 2005). Even beyond that there is the prospect of maintaining this for the long run. Pest infestations, harsh climatic changes and good culinary arrangements are all to be taken care of at the same time to run a successful company in this field (Beekman, 2007). And all of this has to be done in many hard-to-reach places more often than not.

Sometimes transportation hazards may come up in places that are not very susceptible with regard to fuel or spare parts for vehicles (Seba, 2010). In such cases good stocking habits start playing a major role to ensure that the machine is well oiled and running when the requirement comes. Foreigners are an everyday aspect in this line and fluency in more than one language can be very useful. Moreover certain aspects of foreign lifestyle and their culture have to be adopted temporarily so as to help in their stay and making life a bit acceptable to them in already alien surroundings.

There can be no doubt that since 2003 the travels and tourism industry has seen a sudden increase in the UK as well as many other countries (Canterbery, 2011). Other countries have also had definite growth but not to the extent that has been seen the United Kingdom, United States and Southern Asiatic Countries. These are the places that new entrepreneurs have to look into as charts all over the world show that since 2003 the households have as much as tripled their yearly domestic or international travels. This is in other words the treasure trove of activity that new entrepreneurs can tap into (Lennon, Foley, Malcolm, 2000).

Moreover a new aspect of travels and tourism is the adventure sports tourism division such as the bungee jumping sports locations or spelunking divisions which are attracting young crowds from all over the world adding a whole new angle to this business which was before now mostly scattered to select regions or a predominantly local ordeal altogether.

There are some strict guidelines that need to be followed in this business as the main judge of performance will be the customers on whose satisfaction the goodwill and flourishing of the business depends (Pizam, 2010). This calls for some trained professionals to take up the helm of the operation when it comes to customer handling, logistics and operations. Following are some of the criteria that need to be looked into while appointing good staff in the Travels and Tourism Department.