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英国代写被发现 :Mergers and acquisitions are a part of healthy market but sometimes these decisions can be disastrous for the company. If proper internal and external analysis of the market has not been conducted by the management of the company, then issues like these can come. For this assignment Sony acquired MGM and the analysis will be discussed along with its advantages and disadvantages. How both companies have benefited or not benefited from this merger? These aspects will be discussed in the analysis. Merger acquisition of Sony and MGM took place on the 8th April of 2005 and this acquisition was not only carried by Sony but also by other companies like Comcast and TPG, which were also among the equity partners of this merger. Sony is under highlight because a majority part of equity and company was acquired by Sony and the rest of the companies had a share in the equity.
Sony acquiring MGM was not exactly an acquisition. It was taken in the form of a merger acquisition, because MGM had its brand name and still owns majorities of the distribution rights. Looking at this agreement, merger acquisition both companies have benefited from it and Sony pictures entertainment has set a strong example for other companies in the market. Apart from acquiring the company fully, Sony gave some part to MGM, because they had expertise in the market and had strong brand name. Sony strategically used all these aspects for moving forward in Holly wood. Soon after this partnership, Sony pictures entertainment has produced and co produced some of the finest films and TV series like Dear John, Easy A, The perfect guy, No Good Deed, Battle of the Year, The Vow, Link like a Man, Carrie, Friends with Benefits, The Wedding Ringer, The Silver Lining, etc. With the help of MGM, Sony pictures entertainment has became one of the strongest production houses of Holly wood with various future projects.