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新港科技是一家相对较新的初创公司,专门向客户销售软件和服务。他们目前面临着一个难题,如何发展一个薪酬场所(Armstrong, and Taylor, 2014)。与其他公司类似,该公司面临以下限制。新港在制定支付计划时面临的制约因素包括:公司的支付能力、法律制约、劳工团体问题、立法问题以及国内外劳动力市场上的可用资源。这些问题的细微差别和薪酬策略需要为公司制定。


最佳实践方法主要确保公司的持续发展。公司根据用户的动态需求,制定出符合行业标准的方案。为公司制定最佳实践方法也更加可行和实用。这符合了解国内劳动力市场内部人员的要求。在这种情况下,他们也可以确保员工流动率较低(Armstrong, and Taylor, 2014)。这种方法的主要缺点是,与策略不同,最佳实践并不是唯一的(Lovell, 2009)。他们通常不符合公司的主要目标。最佳实践是可行性指南(Ulrich, 2013)。开发与事件的动态本质相替代的业务实践是很重要的。如果最佳实践方法不灵活,补偿将是固定的。这可能会导致更高的员工流动率,或者公司难以支付员工工资。公司总奖励计划的战略一致性使员工能够确保保持组织哲学的独特性(Lovell, 2009)。它还促成了一种情况,即公司可以通过使用不同的薪酬标准来奖励员工。根据实证研究,许多雇主支持最佳实践方法来实现战略一致性。这是因为他们没有考虑通过坚持战略联盟来提高生产率或更好地维持生计。从运营可行性的实践角度来看,企业更倾向于将最佳实践方法作为基准标准。这使得公司能够维持生计,保证生产力水平和更多的现金流(Armstrong, and Taylor, 2014)。因此,个别公司的经理在为个别雇员制定薪酬时,更倾向于采用最佳实践方法。


英国代写被抓 :纽波特科技有限公司

Newport technology is a relatively a new start up company that specializes in selling software and services to customers. They are currently in a conundrum as to how they should develop a remuneration place (Armstrong, and Taylor, 2014). Similar to other companies the company faces the following constraints. Constraints that Newport faces while developing a payment plan is the ability of the company to pay, legal constraints, labour groups issues, legislative issues and resources available in the internal and the external labour market. Nuances of these issues and compensation strategy need to be devised for the company.
Best practice approach or strategic alignment for Newport Technology Inc.
Best practice approach primarily ensures sustenance of the company. The company based on the dynamic requirement from the users devises a plan that is industry standard. It is also more feasible and practical to develop best practice approach for the company. This meets the requirement of finding out the people within the internal labour market. They can also ensure that the employee turnover is low in this case (Armstrong, and Taylor, 2014). Key disadvantage of this approach is that unlike strategy, best practices are not unique (Lovell, 2009). They are usually not in line with the primary objective of the company. Best practices are guidelines of the feasibility (Ulrich, 2013). It is important to develop business practices that are in lieu with the dynamic nature of events. If best practices approach is not flexible the compensation will be fixed. This can cause higher employee turnover or it would be difficult for the company to pay its employees. Strategic alignment for total reward program of the companies allows the employees to ensure that the uniqueness of the organizational philosophy is maintained (Lovell, 2009). It also fosters a situation where company can reward employees by using different metrics of pay. According to empirical research, many employers support best practices approach to strategic alignment. This is because they do not consider more productivity or better sustenance by adhering to strategic alignment. From a practice standpoint of feasibility of operations, companies prefer to have best practices approach as a benchmark standard. This allows the company sustenance, assured levels of productivity and more cash flow (Armstrong, and Taylor, 2014). Hence managers in the individual companies prefer to develop best practice approach while developing compensation for the individual employees.
Owing to the empirical research evidence, best practices approach of providing remuneration for the employees are suggested for Newport technology.