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品牌,已被选为本文的完成是Marks & Spencer。这个特殊的品牌已经被选择,因为它一直面临着一个长期的不幸,因为它一直在持续时间长的时间。玛莎已被列为英国最受人尊敬的组织(西尔弗曼 2006)。品牌的名声是通过提供负担得起的基础上建立的组织及各种高质量和高质量产品的食品。




The brand that has been chosen for the completion of this paper is Marks & Spencer. This particular brand has been chosen due to the fact that it has been facing a duration of misfortunes since a long duration of time. Marks & Spencers has been identified as the most venerable organization in the United Kingdom (Silverman 2006). The reputation of the brand had been built by the organization on the basis of provision of affordable apparels with high quality and products of food with high quality as well.
By the late years of 1990s, the brand had been dominating the industry of retail within the United Kingdom. High degree of competition was being imposed by a number of brands such as Zara, Next and Gap that had resulted in eating the level of sales being done by the organization. The offerings that the organization had been making was criticised and had been referred to as being boring, out of fashion, staid and not in accordance with the preferences and style of the customers in the current and modern era (Pfanner 2006). Reshuffling was being done amongst a number of principles related to management that had been doing very little for stemming the decline taking place at an extremely rapid pace.
While entering the next century, Marks & Spencers had reached a point where it had been losing share within the market across each and every division and there had been the performance of cutting significant amount of cost. However, this had been an exception in the sale of products of food. This had been a sheer factor for determining that this will contribute in increasing the amount of sales, specifically within certain sectors like apparel for women that previously had been dominating the entire industry within the United Kingdom.