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英国犯罪学论文代写 :锡芥菜内部市场定位

它在一些当地的食品生产商中很受欢迎,比如纽约莫里斯厨房(Morris Kitchen)的Slant Shack牛肉干。它在布鲁克林厨房、贝德福德等高档专业食品店有售。像亨氏这样的竞争对手通常在几乎所有其他零售店都有销售,而且与锡芥的精致口味不同,它们与大规模生产和消费有关,这为锡芥提供了一个利基市场。


英国犯罪学论文代写 :锡芥菜内部市场定位

Now in terms of both price and quality, Tin mustard is a top quality product. The mustard chosen of the Tin Mustard brand is Smooth Mustard, the mustard in discussion is specifically chosen, because it is high end mustard and more common markets stock the low priced mass quality mustards. Tin Mustard was launched in 2011 by classically trained Chefs of the NY Brooklyn neighbourhoods. They launched with the aim to make products that leave a refined taste in the mouth and Tin Mustard is seen to meet these standards.

英国犯罪学论文代写 :锡芥菜内部市场定位

It is much sought after in some of the local food producers such as that of the Slant Shack Jerky, Morris Kitchen in New York. It is sold in elite top quality specialty food stores such as that of the Brooklyn Kitchen, Bedford and more. Competitors such as Heinz are usually sold in almost all other retail stores and are associated with mass production and consumption unlike the refined tastes of Tin Mustard, and this achieves a niche place for Tin Mustard.
In terms of both quality and price, Tin Mustard rates as very high in the product market and mustards such as Heinz bring good quality but definitely not the refinement and low costs.