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国际志愿者可能出于许多个人原因想要成为志愿者。他们可能有帮助有需要的人的意图和愿望。发达国家也有贫困的社会成员,而发达国家的人们希望向他们自己的社会成员提供帮助(Volunteer Forever, 2011)。当他们旅行时,他们也想继续他们的志愿工作在国外。一个人对国际志愿活动感兴趣的另一个原因是他们渴望更多地了解世界。参加志愿赞助的方案旅行将使他们能够访问一种新的文化,并提高这种文化的生活质量。就学生社团而言,国际志愿服务也被认为是一种简历构建的形式,或者是帮助申请者进入名牌大学的一种方式。例如,考虑一下哈佛商学院(Harvard Business School)的观点,它更加强调学生应该增强多元化和国际化的视角。哈佛商学院(Harvard Business school)超过三分之一的学生来自美国以外,哈佛商学院强调,美国申请人必须通过在海外从事志愿工作的经历获得接触机会(volunteer Forever, 2011)。同样,在当前竞争激烈的就业市场上,一个人在志愿服务方面的国际接触对他们来说将是一个重大优势。一段时间以来,在接受全职职位之前,在组织中做志愿者和在行业中进行测试已经成为一种趋势(Cnaan, & Goldberg-Glen, 1991)。人们似乎愿意投入经验的一些志愿工作是教学、保健、体育、社区发展等等。

缺乏关于志愿活动的信息可能会阻碍国际学生获得的机会。对国际学生及其在澳大利亚的闲暇时间活动和志愿活动的研究表明,志愿活动将帮助学生感受到社区和连接感(Smith et al, 2014)。本地学生已经有了这种归属感,但是国际学生基于他们的联系和态度的调整,可能会也可能不会感到与外国社会的联系。志愿者活动可以帮助他们在这个国家建立社会资本。这项研究表明,进入澳大利亚大学的学生中,很少有人有过志愿服务的经历。缺乏接触导致缺乏兴趣。然而,比任何其他障碍更严重的是,缺乏关于志愿服务机会的信息以及对志愿服务的认识是主要的限制因素。来自欧洲、中国和泰国的学生对墨尔本的大型活动和慈善团体了解较少。因此,学生没有参加志愿者活动。在这样的背景下,大学或学生帮助组织和志愿者组织必须在通知学生方面发挥更大的作用(Smith et al, 2014)。

英国代写毕业论文 :关于志愿者的研究文献

International volunteers might want to volunteer for many personal reasons. They might have an intent and desire to help people in need. Developed nations also have underprivileged society members and people in the developed countries would want to extend their help to members of their own society (Volunteer Forever, 2011). When they travel they would also want to continue their volunteer work abroad. Another reason for a person to be interested in international volunteering is because of their desire to see more of the world. Travelling in volunteer sponsored programmes would enable them to visit a new culture and enhance the life quality in that culture. In the case of the student society, international volunteering is also considered as a form of resume building or a way to help applicants enter prestigious Universities. For instance, consider the standpoint taken by the Harvard Business School, which places more emphasis that students should have enhanced diverse and international perspectives. With more than a third of the students at Harvard Business school hailing from outside the United States, HBS emphasizes that American applicants must have exposure gained by means of volunteer work experiences abroad (Volunteer Forever, 2011). Similarly, in current competitive job markets the international exposure that a person has in terms of volunteering will be a significant advantage for them. Volunteering with an organization and testing out in an industry before accepting full term positions has been existent as a trend for some time now (Cnaan, & Goldberg-Glen, 1991). Some of the volunteer placements in which people seem to invest for experience are that of teaching, heath care, sports, community development and more.
Lack of information on volunteering activities could deter the opportunities that are available to international students. Research on international students and their leisure time activity and volunteer activity within Australia suggests that volunteering activities will help the student feel a sense of community and connectivity (Smith et al, 2014). Local students would already possess this sense of belonging, however international students based on their connections and attitude adjustments may or may not feel connected to the foreign society. Volunteer activities might help them build their social capital in the country. The research study indicated that few students who entered Australian Universities seemed to have prior volunteering experience. The lack of exposure resulted in a lack of interest. However, more than any other barrier the lack of information on opportunities to volunteer and also the awareness of volunteering was what acted as a major constraint. In the case of students from Europe, China and Thailand there were less knowledge on high profile events and charity groups of Melbourne’s. Students hence did not participate in the volunteer activities. Given such a context the role of the University or student help groups and volunteer organization must be greater in informing the students (Smith et al, 2014).