Assignment First


历史的主题通过各种实例在影片中得到了清晰的体现。例如,正是通过这部电影,人们提出了一些土著居民的特点,例如滥用酒精和烟草的问题,这些问题被认为是整个澳大利亚社会所面临的主要问题。另一方面,汽油嗅探也隐含着历史的主题,根据该国的历史,这似乎是一种几乎完全限于从一些孤立的社区中出现的独特的土著人民群体的做法(Sillars & Ezra, 2007, p.43)。历史的主题是沃里克桑顿提出的,众所周知,他在北方的历史上长大,根据历史,汽油嗅探和滥用挥发性物质是一个常见的事件。桑顿因此利用这段历史来关注参孙的毒瘾,以及他用汽油成瘾来解决无聊、痛苦、孤独和饥饿的方式。


英国代写 :《参孙与大利拉》的历史主题

The theme of history is clearly reflected in the film through various instances. For instance, it is through the film that some Aboriginal Particularities are brought forward such as the issue of alcohol and tobacco abuses which are asserted to be major problems that are known to face the entire Australian society. On the other hand, the theme of history is also implied in the petrol sniffing which according to the country’s history appears to be a practice that is nearly exclusively confined towards the distinct indigenous groups of people emerging from some of the isolated communities (Sillars & Ezra, 2007, p.43). The theme of history is brought up by Warwick Thornton who is known to have grown up in the Northern History, where according to history, petrol sniffing and the abuse of volatile substances is a common occurrence. Thornton thus uses such history in order to give lots of attention to the addiction of Samson and the manner that he uses petrol addiction as solution for boredom, pain, loneliness, and hunger.
The theme of history is at the centre of this film because it depicts the fact that the issues of both loss and poverty that the Indigenous Communities undergo on a daily basis is not something new, but rather it is something that has been historically been occurring. In essence, the experiences which are encountered by the major characters in the film are not recent or new ones, but rather they are issues that the people had been facing since time immemorial. It can also be genuinely asserted that it is through the film that the dialogue regarding the Indigenous and the Settlers is disused. Indeed, the cinematic history of Australia will remain a great wasteland if the opportunity of the cinematic history found in Samson and Delilah is not given consideration. It can also be genuinely asserted that it is through Samson and Delilah that the nation’s history regarding race relations and Australian Cinema have been brought to the fore. Through this film, the historic reconciliation period which occurred in Australia during the 1990’s and which also gave rise to various feature films dealing with issues to do with the comprehension of Indigenous identity and history are well highlighted.