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英国 代写:定律分组的元素讨论




英国 代写 :定律分组的元素讨论


英国 代写 :定律分组的元素讨论

Law of Similarity:According to this law, those items which may be same as one another can be grouped together. This kind of grouping can occur both as a visual or auditory stimuli.
An example of the same can be observed in the below example. Under this, the viewer may discern a specific shape in the middle, though each individual object in the figure has a similar color.

This principle states that the perceptual tendency of humans is to separate the complete figures from their backgrounds on the basis of different variables which may include the contrast, color, size etc. Figure ground may actually refer to the relationship which is there between the object and its surround. In some cases, the relation is stable. However, in most of the cases, this relation is unstable. In these cases, it may be difficult to pick out that figure from the group.

英国 代写 :定律分组的元素讨论

Law of ProximityThis is such a law which states that the different objects may be grouped with one another. As per this law, those things which are closer to one another may be grouped together. Even in a situation where the shapes, sizes and the objects may be different from one another, they would be observed as a group in case they are together. Alternatively, this principle is called as grouping in which there is a collective presence of a given set of elements.